Shared Space With Car Parks


Auckland Transport has taken a different approach with the launch of a new shared space out west in New Lynn.

Unlike the new central city shared spaces, it has 30-minute parking spaces available.

Created by Auckland Transport, the shared space transforms Totara Avenue West into a slow-speed zone that creates a more pedestrian-friendly retail area and focal point for New Lynn’s town centre.

The shared space will be complemented by the opening of the new Clark Street extension, which provides a heavy vehicle bypass of Totara Avenue between the Clark/Rankin intersection and Great North Road.

It was initiated by the former Waitakere City Council as part of the removal of the rail tracks for the new underground station opened a year ago.

Totara's new look |AT image

And starting in about a month will be a 299-space public car park where the old bus station was opposite the new station. Auckland Council is working in partnership with Infratil to undertake a $35 million redevelopment of the old bus station into the 299 space public car park and a three-level accident and medical centre. This will be completed by December next year.

The redevelopment of Totara Ave and the construction of the Clark Street extension mark the completion of Stages 2 and 3 of the New Lynn Transit Oriented Development programme. Auckland Transport and Auckland Council are now turning their attention to the redevelopment of the Merchant Quarter area (around McCrae Way) to further re-shape New Lynn into an accessible destination for people to live and work in and visit for entertainment and shopping.

Two other council-owned development sites either side of the planned new McCrae Way shared space are also being considered for redevelopment, with concept planning underway

Remember the old New Lynn bus depot ?

The Todd Triangle Reserve has been upgraded as part of the shared space development and now features several brick artworks – a nod to New Lynn’s clay heritage – by renowned sculptor Peter Lange. The Gardner Reserve, adjoining the new Clark Street extension, is also being upgraded by Auckland Transport as part of the roading developments.

There will be a community festival at the new space on Saturday between 9am and 3pm.




  1. Max says:

    If its a shared space, am I allowed to park my bicycle in a 30 minute space? Legally, it’s a vehicle, after all.

    Just (semi-) kidding. I do hope they have plentiful bike parks too.

    Though I must say I am not convinced we also need 300 more car parks there. Drive to the train? In a town centre???

  2. John Dalley says:

    At the moment there is $2.00 parking for 12 Hours on the other side of the station on Clark St. It is the area that they where using to hold all the fill coming out of the trench before they trucked it away.
    I have parked there once and it was great. I think it also may be cheaper than the parking on the old bus station.


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