Kamo Bypass Opens


Kamo Bypass Stage 2 on State Highway 1 in Whangarei was officially opened today.

The bypass cost $25m, including property acquisitions.  It runs north from the top of Western Hills Drive, intersects with the new Spedding Road link, before joining the original bypass close to the Whangarei golf course.

NZTA lists highlights of the new highway include the Rupert Clark underpass with finished with street art by Trent Morgan and Dave Beazley, three large retaining walls with a relief representation of exposed basalt rock face, 700 metres of new noise walls, utilities relocation and protection and stormwater reticulation.

The final seal for the highway surface will be laid between September and December.  Adjustments will be made to traffic lights; there will be landscaping and fence construction, and some minor concrete works. The existing roundabout on Kamo Road will be removed and the road realigned.


The 1.3 kilometre-long extension to the existing bypass was opened three months ahead of schedule. After a traditional dawn blessing lead by local iwi, there was a ribbon cutting celebration involving Whangarei’s MP, Hon Phil Heatley, the city’s mayor, Morris Cutforth, and officials from the NZTA and its local contractors, United Civil.




  1. Owen Thompson says:

    I hope the road was thrilled to receive a blessing.

  2. Jon Reeves says:

    $25 million for 1.3 kms, what a bargin. The entire North Auckland rail line, which Steven Joyce and the National Party want closed next year, needs $7 million to remain open.

    I guess the truck lobby are keeping Joyce warm in his bed.


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