They’re Not Like Us, You Know


Central Districts Police are warning locals to watch out for people from different cultures during the RWC - and treat them well.
I am sure it is well-meaning but from an Auckland viewpoint, where we are used to every second person being from another country in our day to day life, it sounds a bit 1950s New Zealand.
Operations Manager Inspector Dave White says in a news release: “We will have large numbers of visitors from different countries in the District and different cultures have their own beliefs and interpretations around alcohol and social interaction. It would be a real concern if we found people coming to harm because innocent situations were being misconstrued.”

In regard to overseas visitors he recommends:

  • Research the countries and cultures of those visitors featuring in your town, show an interest in them and look out for them.
  • Some will not be familiar with the concept of a Liquor ban area. Make an effort to explain what it is and the fact that they are liable for arrest if they breach it.
  •   Be aware that cultures can differ greatly. A simple flirtation in New Zealand might indicate something completely different in another country. Innocent actions or words in some cultures may be offensive in others.
  •   In every town or city where there is a game there will be winners and losers. Don’t let sport be divisive; share in each others celebrations and commiserations.


  1. No, I don’t think I’ll be explaining liquor bans to anyone, especially if they’ve been drinking.


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