Oh What A Night!


Last night madness rained in the Auckland CBD.
Great atmosphere.. great fireworks… and everyone having a great time. The Tongan supporters were wonderful.
Aucklanders partied like 1999 and amid the fun there were impressive fireworks and the Waka arrival at the Viaduct along with performances from Kiwi legends like Dave Dobbyn.

But there was also an element of madness.


The fireworks were wonderful

The waka was impressive



What went wrong last night - 3 Fails

Inquiry sought after train disaster- people miss game

World media miss Auckland’s transport fail

Government slams Auckland’s transport fail

Aucklanders ignore traffic and seize Queen St




  1. James B says:

    For the final and semi finals they really need to close Queen Street and set up other fanzones along the street, in Aotea Square and in Albert Park. Quay Street just didn’t have enough room.

  2. ingolfson says:

    The fireworks were indeed pretty spectacular - and apparently easily seen even from the Coromandel.

  3. Bob says:

    Great times! Let it continue

  4. James says:

    @James B
    Totally agree with you close off Auckland CBD to traffic (queen st and other roads) and have more effective pt system.

  5. kel says:

    OK the guy with the tape should have so been removed, but it looks like fun there!!

  6. judy browne says:

    I enjoyed the WRC celebrations. I was downtown at the Viaduct from 2 pm to 8.30 and we enjoyed the waka and the haka, opening celebrations and the fabulous fireworks.
    However I noticed only two police during the eight hours I was downtown.
    Secondly there were not enough portaloos. There should have been long lines of them in various locations.
    The recycling bins for cans and bottles were inadequate.
    There should have been more entertainment between the waka and haka and the opening spectacle. Buskers or groups could have entertained the crowds.
    We caught the Outer Link home to Westmere and it was brilliant. We arrived home in about 10 minutes.


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