Tourist Drivers Mis-Behave


Foreign tourists here for the RWC are learning the hard way about our road rules.

A German visitor in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup has found himself with a suspended driver’s licence and a hefty fine after being caught driving at excessive speed on the way to a game yesterday afternoon.

The driver was travelling through Mokau on State Highway 3 yesterday afternoon heading for the Ireland v USA game in New Plymouth.

Police say the man’s  fate serves as a reminder that international drivers are not exempt from the road rules of New Zealand.

A second British couple were also caught speeding at the same Mokau location in a camper van and a number of overseas visitors have been found not wearing seatbelts.
One 40-year-old rugby fan on a US passport will be appearing in court in New Plymouth today charged with refusing to provide blood to Police. A second 30-year-old New Zealand resident is in custody facing charges of excess blood alcohol and failing to stop (at a checkpoint).




  1. Ingolfson says:

    I think John Key and McMurray should immediately take control of the police (directly) to ensure that this RWC disgrace is stopped. Obviously our police commissioner is not in control when something like 2% of the visiting drivers can’t obey our road rules.

    It also shows that Labour was clearly lacking in not building enough motorways for them, and only through our government’s valiant last-minute intervention could we get it so far that the Herald actually lists “motorways” as one of the great things of Auckland in one of their recent tourism / RWC inserts.


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