RWC Works Well: The Stats


Authorities estimate that 41% of the Eden Park crowd used public transport to get there - and around half or just over drove or took cabs. More people took trains after the match.

Streets around the fringes of the Park that had not seen rugby fans parking the previous week saw cars parking in them and St Lukes car parks offered $10 car parking for the first time to help cope with those going by car.

Unlike the Friday fiasco, everything worked well.

RWC Minister Murray McCully - who hinted his job was now on the line after his action to change the Party central game plan - will be pleased.

More people grabbed trains after the game as there was not the stress that they needed to get to the event on time and needed trains to work.

More people walked. 5997 people walked on the Fan Trail - compared to 4000 on the opening night.

To the game:

  • 22,300 were carried on trains or buses. They were almost 50/50 on which one they chose.
  • 11,370 went by train.
  • Eden Park buses carried 10,930.
  • Authorities say traffic was normal for a major event to Eden Park and there were no major traffic delays.

After the game:

  • Trains carried 13,100
  • Buses carried 10,200
  • Roads re-opened 1 hour 20 minutes after the match finished.
  • Police estimate many of the crowd appeared to head home rather than go into the CBD
Authorities say that overall transport ran smoothly.

At the game:

  • Police call behaviour very good
  • 3 people were arrested and 12 evicted from the game.
  • St John reported one person at Eden Park was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack and another person taken to hospital with an anaphylactic reaction. 4 others went to hospital and they attended to 25 people.

Buses carrying Eden Park patrons back will run for an hour after the match or until the crowds have cleared while trains will run until early in the morning.

What a difference a week makes.

In the wake of last week’s fiasco there was not the crush outside Britomart to catch a Kingsland train for the Australia Irish clash at Eden Park!

Here is how outside Britomart looks tonight at 5pm. Pretty empty.

5pm: Tonight outside Britomart

Britomart 5pm today

Remember this is how it was at 5pm the Friday for the Opening Match as people waited in vain for a train to the Park.

5pm: People await outside Britomart on opening game night

RWC Minister Murray McCully was reported to have taken a train tonight for the game - and Transport Minister Steven Joyce was also floating about checking everything was spic and span and catching a train along with Mayor Len Brown who drove last week.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce inspects Party Central tonight

The closed-to- traffic Quay St was also a lot quieter tonight- and at 5pm there was no problem getting into Queens Wharf.
Captain Cook Wharf, approved as an extension to Party central had not been activated at that time and wouldn’t be until Queens was two thirds full.

It was reported very quiet at both the Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter during the game but there were steady numbers at Queens Wharf.

6500 people at Queens Wharf watched the game.

This is how Quay St looked tonight

The Cloud and Shed 10 had a festive atmosphere and was starting to fill up with people watching the rugby.

The Cloud was popular for watching rugby

Shed 10 tonight

Behind Britomart at Takutai Square, where normal services were running, there was also no sign of that Friday’s chaos and again an absence of people.

Today is of course a weekend. Friday saw workers trying to get a train home.

The lines last Friday


At 530pm there were  steady but not huge queues for buses to the Park.


Lots of buses at the Civic - where are the commuters?

There was a strong presence of security around Britomart and party central -and police on the streets.


Cops quieten drinking on Wellesley street outside an iIish bar

Photos of craziness around Auckland and Party Central tonight

Veolia’s plan for tonight revealed




  1. John Dalley says:

    What a difference it might have been if last Friday was actually last Saturday.

  2. Alex says:

    @ John Dalley. Agreed, and we all know that the ones who “stepped in to sort out the mess” will take all the credit, aye!

  3. tbird says:

    It’s really got nothing to do with the new spaces or added trains.

    It’s just the fact that it is not an opening ceremony and party on Quay Street.

  4. Wasp says:

    I assume McCully will take the credit for this even though it was because of only one event on the night, most people avoided the city before and after and that most people drove.

    According to the Herald on Sunday the trains were more or less deserted on the trip in.

  5. Ben says:

    Well despite MUCH smaller numbers, I think we can take that as a small confidence booster. Last night I was keeping tabs on things at Britomart and apart from one incident post match things were running like clock work.

    Again I know numbers were smaller, but I believed in rebuilding the shattered confidence of the network needed to be done bit by bit little by little which was done.

    Now preparations for the big ABs vs France must begin as that will be a TRUE test of what Finals night will be like.

  6. Simon C says:

    Things could`ve been just as good last night if Auckland was still running the show. Of course it makes a huge difference that there`s not 200,000 people downtown and it`s a Saturday.

    With the amount of people that wre already in the city or came into the CBD, it wouldn`t have mattered if the govt had been running it. The result would`ve been the same. The numbers were just too much.

    Again I say it. Take the emphasis off downtown and spread the load by activating the fanzones out North, South and West. I still can`t believe they aren`t going to activate them for the France game as I think a lot of people will try to head into the city for that game.

  7. Geoff says:

    It’s funny how Stephen Joyce is recognizable even without seeing his face :)


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