Cars Popular For Nth Harbour Game


Almost 20,000 of the 27,000 who attended last night’s South Africa Namibia RWC game drove to the North Harbour Stadium.

7,460 used the special event buses and 6,940 took them after the game.
Auckland Transport says fans were moved from the game in 50 minutes.

It says transport to and from the game ran smoothly and it appears people heeded advice to allow plenty of travel time to get to the game.

There were only 900 people at Queens Wharf.  2 people were evicted from party central. There were no arrests at the game.




  1. GJA says:

    Buses worked great from Pakuranga. I caught the 5.30pm bus and an empty bus arrived and we filled it. The only problem was the Howick and Eastern Buses had no priority on the motorway. The most obvious point is that the Southern motorway has no bus lanes. It took a while to get onto the motorway and we then got stuck in a few places. Once we crossed the Harbour bridge, we stayed on the motorway so traffic was an issue. Can only certain buses use the bus lanes on the North Shore?

    The trip back was a breeze.

    So even though we had the same issues as people in cars, who had to contend with traffic, we had the fortunate position of sitting back and enjoying the ride, also not clogging the roads up too much for the other regular users.

    I will definitely take the bus again.


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