Train Fail Commuters Get Tickets


Compensation of RWC Eden Park tickets has been announced for those 922 Eden Park ticket holders who said they missed out because of the Friday Opening Ceremony transport fail.

They’ll get a ticket to the semi-final 1 on October 15 if they missed out on part or all of the opening ceremony and part of all of the opening match because of the train issues.

They’ll get a ticket to the Bronze Final on October 21 if they missed out on all or part of the opening ceremony.

People had to register and all claims have to be verified.

Mayor Len Brown offered compensation in terms of tickets the day after the opening ceremony amid the media storm about the opening night problems.
He says in a statement this afternoon: “We have arrived at a package that we think is fair to those who were caught up in the unprecedented opening night delay. We know we can’t make up for the experience that was missed, but hope this gesture of goodwill is received in the spirit in which it is made.

Council officials had estimated the cost would be up to $50,000 and be split between the Council, the Government and Veolia. The Mayor did not discuss that in his statement but said: “We would like to acknowledge the support we’ve received from the private sector in securing a package that is fair for Auckland ratepayers, as well as those who missed out on opening night.”




  1. Geoff says:

    Len Brown mentioned $130,000 on the radio this afternoon, split between the parties. Additionally, there may be further costs of getting people to the match as well, in some cases from other parts of NZ.


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