Veolia Welcomes Independent RWC Report


Veoila head Graham Sibery has commented on the independent report into the Rugby World Cup opening night situation.

Veolia Transport Auckland welcomes the report as a balanced summary of the transport challenges faced on Friday 9 September. We recognise that Chris Moore worked hard to understand the complexities of what happened on the day.

The independent report commissioned by Auckland Transport and conducted by Chris Moore of law firm Meredith Connell blames the event organisers for their appalling predictions

Veolia Transport Auckland says welcomes the report as a balanced summary of the transport challenges faced on Friday 9 September.

“We recognise that Chris Moore worked hard to understand the complexities of what happened on the day.

“The report takes account of the exceptional circumstances faced on the rail network that day and the serious safety matters we had to deal with,” says Graham Sibery, Managing Director of Veolia Transport Auckland. “We acknowledge that the delays experienced on some trains meant that some of our customers were in uncomfortable conditions and that there were difficulties in communications, and for that we apologise.

“We have implemented a series of improvements to the train service and are working closely with Auckland Transport to help ensure a balanced approach to the provision of transport services across all modes, making use of the additional resources now available.”

Veolia Transport’s detailed count stands at 145,000 passenger trips on 9 September, compared with 30,000 on a normal Friday. The train plan agreed with Auckland Transport for 9 September and all RWC matches used all available resources on the rail network and has been practised a number of times this year, but the unprecedented numbers simply overwhelmed the network.

Veolia Transport has worked with Auckland Transport to deliver improved security and communications on trains and at stations for remaining RWC matches. In addition, passenger volumes are proactively monitored across the network on match days to enable contingency rail buses to be brought into service promptly where needed.

“We have all worked hard to deliver these short-term improvements and we will continue to work together on longer-term solutions for the benefit of Auckland rail, including the procurement of a new fleet of modern electric trains,” says Mr Sibery.

Veolia Auckland head

“Finally I would like to thank all the staff at Veolia Transport, KiwiRail and Auckland Transport and all our other partners for their continued dedication and commitment. We will all be working hard to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of train services for the remainder of RWC matches to help Auckland and all our visitors enjoy the rest of the tournament.”

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  1. Ben says:

    SO be it!
    Look (and I am not defending anyone here) what has happened has happened, no amount of blood-letting, whinging, jumping up and down is going to change what happened - its history now.

    Thus we have two options presented to us:
    1) Move on and learn from the utter mistakes made and make sure it does not happen again come this Sunday and the Final Day. Plus enjoy the upcoming climax that is the RWC final.
    2) Fester and wallow in what was and realise eventually (if at all) that was an utter waste.

    For one I know which option I am choosing - and its for sure as anything not wallowing in negative emotions.

  2. Sam says:

    Im very surprised they coped with 145000.

    On a normal day, 30000-35000 is pushing capacity at peak times. Also, the biggest test run only carried less than 20% of that crowd to Eden Park, with no doubt an insignificantly small number to the city. Then you add the trains stopping all over the place for hours, which would have significantly decreased the networks capacity throughout the night.

    Imagine what they would have carried if everything ran smoothly… surely thousands gave up on the trains and went home/found another way.


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