Devonport Wharf Makeover


Amazing what some bike stands, a few other amenities and a coat of paint can do for the tired looking Devonport Wharf complex.

Even the seagulls are vocal in their thanks to Auckland Transport and support from the Council & Devonport-Takapuna Local Board.

It’s the most significant makeover to the wharf in 20 years and sure needed it.

The refurbished facility has been repainted throughout the interior and exterior as well as the installation of new wooden seating, extra plantings and greenery, drinking water fountains, and improvements to signage and toilet facilities.

Auckland Transport is refurbishing the wharf in a two-stage upgrade, with the second phase, to carry out structural improvements, commencing sometime next year.

The extra stands for bikes are most welcome. If only more train stations had these.

Even the interior, which looks like a bad taste early 1980s The Warehouse store looks a bit more presentable.

Victoria Wharf next door, which is predominantly used for recreation, has also had improvements to health and safety, such as new hand rail and lifesaving rings.

There are also newly installed bait boards to give the many fishermen a place to chop their bait.




  1. Ingolfson says:

    Council is also planning to revamp the “forecourt” (parking and bus stop and pedestrian enrances) to make it easier to get to the wharf. I’ve seen the plans for that, and they look pretty good.

  2. Harry McDonald says:

    Getting off the ferry at Devonport could and should be one of the highlights of any tourist visit to our fair city.

  3. Andy says:

    That seagull photo is brilliant!

  4. rtc says:

    Well I don’t really like how they funnel you around the side of the wharf when you arrive - the old ferry building’s sole purpose was as an entry and exit point and waiting area for ferries and you were never forced to walk around the outside. The whole thing needs to be bowled and thought through again IMO. Devonport is a great town and I loved living there, the ferry building is the big let down.

  5. TRD says:

    Nice of them to think of the region’s poodle population when designing dual bike stand/poddle hitching posts.


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