Record Breaking RWC Weekend


12,000 people walked the Fan Trail to the All Blacks game at Eden Park last night - 10,000 the day before.

And last night a record 80,000 went to the various Fan Zones - but were very well behaved.

There were almost 20,000 at waterfront Fanzones at match time and more than 6000 watch the match at the Albany Northern Lights Fanzone.

Police say there were 8 evictions at Queens Wharf and two arrests by 11.30pm. At regional fan zones, no arrests but 7 evictions and three refused entry.

There were 9 evictions from Eden Park by police or security but no arrests.

Sign along fan trail: Pathetic IRB officials stopped the full words All Blacks being used

Last night, an estimated 75% went to the match by means other than private car.
A total of 23,900 used trains and special event buses to the match. Roads in the area were busy but flowed well.

On Saturday a total of 26,550, or around 45% of the crowd, used public transport to leave the match at Eden Park. Special event buses carried 11,570 and 14,990 used trains/

The waterfront fan zones had a record night with a peak total of almost 20,000 across the Waterfront Fanzones during the match. The crowd was spread relatively evenly across both Queens and Captain Cook wharves for the match.

46,500 visited Queens Wharf through the day with a peak of just under 10,000. Captain Cook Wharf was opened at 5 pm and peaked at just over 10,200 during the match.

A total crowd of 10,000 attended the Albany Fanzone throughout the evening. Just over 6300 were on hand to watch the match on TV.

At Mangere, a total crowd of 7800 attended the Fanzone throughout the evening with a peak crowd of around 3100 watched the match.

At Henderson, there were 1300, peaking at almost 1000 during match time.

On Saturday, Queens Wharf was steady with a total crowd of 46,000 during the day and evening and a peak crowd of around 8150. Captain Cook Wharf was opened up at 5 pm. Albany’s fan zone had 3845 people in total, Mangere’s had 5236 and Henderson’s only 828.





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