Rena Conspiracy Theories Begin


It didn’t take long for the Rena conspiracy theories to begin.

A posting in a discussion about the incident on one US site from New Zealand from a “deck officer” claims the ship was deliberately run onto Astrolabe Reef.

I have been a deck officer in the maritime industry for 11 years. I have an unlimited Coast Guard license making me legal to command any commercial vessel. And that’s exactly what I do 9 months out of every year. I am here to tell you that this ship off of New Zealand that apparently ran up on a reef is a complete false flag event. There is no way in hell this could ever happen on accident. There’s just no way. It had to be deliberate.”

He later goes on to ask why the ship’s crew  did absolutely nothing to retain the oil spill.

IMO regulations have strict operating procedures for events like this that are well known in the shipping industry. I see no pollution booms around the vessel which should have been deployed within minutes of the collision. All shipping crews throughout the world train to handle this exact scenario on a monthly basis. … On top of all this the ships fuel could easily have been removed in one day.”

The message is on this page - look for the timing of 11.01pm

Rena listing | MNZ


At the same time the Dominion Post has revealed it’s obtained charts made by a Wellington-based senior partner in Marico Marine, John Riding, who said if someone looked at the ship’s charts after changing course the reef would be “staring them in the face”.

“They have deviated from their planned course, and a watch keeper would not have a reason to make a decision to deviate,” Mr Riding said.  ”You can see they’ve made that managed change of course and kept everything steady.”

Of course the rumour until now has been about the fact it was the Captain’s birthday and the assumption some drinking on board to celebrate had something to do wit it.

But why would the ship have deliberately ended up this way?

There have been cases of people smashing their old car in an accident to claim insurance but there’s no evidence or such things here. It makes no sense that anyone would invite such an environmental disaster.

So then you have to think of the ridiculous. Was it to mess with the election campaign? Make the All Blacks lose! Your mind could have a field day.

The company involved is refusing media interviews but if they’re prepared to comment on what actually happened that would be helpful in dampening such talk and two crew members are before the courts at the moment so the details of what is thought to have happened have yet to be made public and it’s unclear whether we will have to await some public inquiry to get to the bottom of it.

Will the Rena end up alongside the claims 9/11 was an inside job, American’s televised moon landing was filmed in Antarctica before hand and Princess Diana’s death was ordered by members of the Royal household?





  1. John Dalley says:

    Deliberate, i doubt it. Utter carelessness and incompetent, you bet.
    What disturbed me with the plotting you mention above it that coming from the South the navigation beacon is behind the reef and wiith careless incompetent navigation was a sitter for a direct run at it.
    I’m not an expert, far from it but i would have thought that a second navigation beacon should be further out to sea so that ships would head for it before turning in to the port.
    I understand from the resident that they interviewed on Motiti Island that ships have also come inside the reef meaning they are between Motiti and the reef.
    I do no’t know if this is safe or not but it strikes me that this could also be a dangerous action.
    @ jon c. I don’t know if you are able to put up a picture of that chart that showed the plotted route of the Rema but if you can it might make interesting viewing.

  2. Matt says:

    Any sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice.

  3. tbird says:

    I’m in charge of several satellite dishes owned by several western governments, as part of the ECHELON programme.

    I manage several real-time high-definition tracking cameras which have been pointed at the Pacific as part of our efforts to control terrorism. I have full security clearance and am qualified to operate these satellites from a secret command centre buried deep under my home, although when the Rena struck the reef I was not at home.

    I was actually in a secret Space Station in geosynchronous orbit above the Tasman Sea, watching the Rena as it veered towards the reef. This does not look like any accident to me. The days where ship captains and aircraft pilots engaged in excess alcohol are long gone.

    Rumours are that this captain was picked because of his birthday. Astrolabe Reef is actually an old Soviet Submarine which was still functioning, which is how it got its name. The struck on the Astrolabe was part of a Chinese plan, involving George W Bush and Conrad Murray, and is related to the Wall Street protests and Michael Jackson’s fake death. But they didn’t count on the Aotea Square occupiers to continue the work of Wall Street hipsters and “really make a change”. I will be landing in an undisclosed location in the Australian outback with proof of all of this.

    Or I could just be some dickhead writing crap on the internet.

    Anyway, I’m off to protest that people who with more skills and who work longer hours than me get more money than I do and I can’t afford the new iPhone 4S.

  4. Geoff Houtman says:

    This is such a crap conspiracy theory (although the comments above are worth the price of admission).

    I was taught Rule 1 is “follow the money”. Who gains from this? No-one springs to mind immediately…

    Could admin please add “spilt yellow cake uranium” in somewhere? That’ll get everyone’s attention.

  5. Bryan says:

    A useful map here, with ship locations in realtime :-

    Never mind the conspiracy theories, it’s all in the stars! An astrological analysis here :-


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