AT Score Their Goals


Auckland Transport have a lot to be pleased about in tallying up, not just last night’s public transport success but, opening night exempted, the way it went throughout the whole tournament. Well done!

Lots of people were involved including train, bus companies, officials and lots of friendly volunteers. I hope they now can get a cup of tea and a lie down pleased with the job they did.

And the patronage stats overall are staggering with rail use for September 32% higher than September 2010 at 1.2m passengers with a 52% increase on the Western Line alone and for the first 2 weeks of October (1-14) rail patronage up 18%.

Let’s hope that continues.

For last night’s RWC final,  46% of those attending used public transport  - there were 16,200 using trains  and 11,980 using special event buses, a total of 28,180.

RWC FINAL; A party atmosphere as people exit their train at Kingsland

9405 people used coaches, approx. 1500 used taxis.

41,000 walked the Fan Trail to Eden Park- some just for the fun of it.

In fact about 4000 people not attending the match caught the train from Kingsland back to Britomart after walking the Fan Trail.

RWC FAN TRAIL: So much fun, non-Eden Park patrons tried it out

The rail crowds were cleared in 60 minutes, Eden Park bus hub cleared in 60 minutes and CBD special event buses cleared in 75 minutes.

CRAZY; A good natured festive atmosphere in Sandringham Rd

All up during the RWC, Auckland Transport says public transport moved a total of about 600,000 people to and from the 15 matches during the tournament.

Five or so years ago only around 5% of people used public transport to get to major events.

As per AT’s target, around 75% are now using options other than private car to get to matches.

And AT says other achievements were:

  • Special event buses and trains left to/from the park about every 7-9 minutes.
  • After opening night extra buses (and drivers) were brought in from as far away as Wellington to provide contingency.
  • Road closures in the CBD throughout the tournament were effective and well managed and ensured the smooth operation of fan zones.
  • And during the six weeks of the Tournament we met one of our key aims of making it “business as usual”- by keeping Auckland moving on PT, roads, to and from school, work, play etc

Here are other important stats on patronage during this period:

  • September 2011 patronage across all PT (including special event RWC services)  was 6,634,342, an increase of 1,045,140 over September 2010 or +19%.
  • Rail for September was 32% higher than September 2010 at 1.2m passengers with a 52% increase on the Western Line alone.
  • For the first 2 weeks of October (1-14) rail patronage is up 18%.
  • Ferry for September was 30% higher than September 2010.
  • More on patronage stats

And those general Auckland RWC stats again:

  • Almost 750,000 fans attended RWC 2011 matches in the city (Eden Park and North Harbour Stadium)
  • 121,141 people walked the Fan Trail to Eden Park (More than triple the 33,000 originally projected)
  • More than 550,000 people travelled to and from matches by public transport
  • Almost 20,000 turned out to welcome teams at the airport, on marae and in Aotea Square
  • 13,600 people watched their teams at public training sessions
  • Approximately 150,000 children from 400 primary and intermediate schools participated in Auckland’s schools programme
  • Approximately 2000 volunteers delivered more than 150,000 volunteer work hours
  • 200,000 celebrated across the waterfront and CBD on Opening Night
  • More than 1 million people visited Queens Wharf
  • Regional Fanzones (Albany, Mangere and Henderson) hosted a total of 96,480 during the knock out stages of the Tournament.






  1. Ben says:

    Quoting [Lots of people were involved including train, bus companies, officials and lots of friendly volunteers. I hope they now can get a cup of tea and a lie down pleased with the job they did.]

    Yip went to fetch my cup of tea (well coffee) and a biscuit after a lie down :P .
    Am pleased as well :)

    Now back to reality - stop procrastinating and finish that submission

  2. Jacky says:

    No wonder I have see a Go Wellington bus at North Western on Wednesday last week!!!


  3. Matt says:

    One mega fail on AT’s part was continuing with the Sunday timetable today, despite the parade. Having a choice of three services an hour at midday from Ellerslie was just ridiculous with a major public event occurring in the CBD.

    Not that I should be surprised, of course, given that anyone who’s not going to a concert or rugby game is a second-class citizen to AT’s planning boffins, and thus must be subjected to less-than-third-world levels of service.

  4. Matt L says:

    Matt - are you looking at the right timetable, there was a special timetable put up for today with trains at least every 15 minutes through the middle of the day. Departures from Ellerslie towards Britomart at around midday there the following times:
    11:45, 11:51, 12:05, 12:21, 12:30, 12:45, 12:51, 1:05
    Seems like plenty of services during that period to me

  5. Pete says:

    I’m not surprised Matt might have been been confused. The Maxx website is a dog especially to the uninitiated and infrequent user. Had some visitors used to doing everything online in so many countries uttterly confused not to mention the ridiculous bus stop signs that all say destination Auckland and the loudspeaker repeating same. Bit tough for a tourist told to get the Aotea bus but end up at Britomart.

  6. Matt says:

    Matt L, I used the Maxx trip planner to check what services were running, and it told me that I had 12:21 from Onehunga, 12:45 (the one we used) from Papaura, or 13:21 from Onehunga. The sign at the station also gave no indication that there were extra services, as it only showed the 12:45 and the 13:21.

    I expect to be able to figure out what’s on using the journey planner. Going to the “special events” page and having to open a PDF is not instinctive behaviour for me, and I am a fairly regular user of public transport in Auckland. Overall, and taking into account your subsequent information, I’m giving AT a C (that’s upgraded from an F) for this one. Lots of services may have been offered, but buggered if it was obvious that they even existed.

  7. Simon C says:

    It also doesn`t help when they put half page ads in today`s Herald advising that there will be a Sunday/Public Holiday service only.

    Although whether that was their fault or a Herald printing error who knows.


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