Cop Blitz On Using Mobiles


I see plenty of examples of motorists using mobiles while driving and think some have slipped back into their old ways because they think the risk of being caught is so slight.

Police are gearing up tol run a 10 day blitz on drivers using mobiles while driving, timed to coincide with the two year anniversary of the introduction of legislation banning mobile phone use while driving.

The latest Police figures show that the majority of drivers have changed their behaviour but more 15,000 offence notices have been issued nationwide over the last two years.

Recent research by The Road Safety Trust which has monitored reported use of mobile phones while driving since September 2009, saw a drop from 34% to 16%.

Superintendent Paula Rose, National Manager Road Policing says that the campaign is timed to remind drivers of the need to remain vigilant and not to slip back into the old habit of talking or texting on cellphones while in their cars.

It is only legal to use a mobile phone to make, receive or end a call when driving if: the driver does not have to hold or manipulate the phone to do so (i.e. phone is completely voice activated), or       the mobile phone is securely mounted to the vehicle and the driver manipulates the phone infrequently and briefly.

The rule does not allow drivers to create, send, or read text messages under any circumstances.

The other day some moron in a SUV turned the corner while I was starting to walk across the pedestrian crossing - blissly unaware of my presence and he was fully engaged in a conversation on his mobile which he held to his ear.

Its time for such people to get caught as they know the chances are so slim - unless he had run me over.





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