Grafton Rd Delays From Monday


Around last Christmas it was Quay St that saw disruption. This time it will be Grafton Rd which will include being speed being reduced to 30k and one lane in either direction.

Work will start next week on an essential upgrade of Grafton Road in central Auckland.

The $1.1 million upgrade will enable Grafton Road to handle current and future transport demands, while improving safety and accessibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
Works start on Monday and last until February.

The road reconstruction work will see a 350-metre stretch of Grafton Road rebuilt with hard-wearing materials to enable this major arterial route to continue carrying its current daily traffic volume of 16,000 vehicles and any increases well into the future.

Auckland Transport says it’s taking an “holistic approach” to the works, undertaking multiple construction activities as part of the overall project to save time and money and keep disruption to a minimum.

In addition to the road reconstruction, other works include:

  •  Kerb and channel reconstruction on the western side of Grafton Road to improve water management.
  • Footpath renewal on the western side of Grafton Road (brought forward from 2014) to improve safety and access and enhance the appearance of the street.
  •   A cycle lane on the eastern side of Grafton Road to improve safety for cyclists along the route.
  • Existing trees and box gardens will be maintained to preserve the character of the road.

AT says both the timing and staging of the works have been developed in close consultation with nearby residents, businesses and service providers. Auckland Transport also sought the advice of an arborist and a conservation architect and incorporated their recommendations into the project design and methodology.

Auckland Transport advises that some travel delays are to be expected along this route during the construction period.
The footpath reconstruction will be done first, during the months of November and December. Pedestrian access along Grafton Road will be maintained at all times. However, vehicle access will be restricted to one lane in each direction, with a 30kph speed restriction.
Road reconstruction will take place between December and February.

There will be at least one traffic lane open in either direction, with a 30kph speed restriction. A stop/go traffic management system will be used during stages of the works where two lanes cannot be safely provided, with priority given to emergency vehicles.




  1. Anthony says:

    About time, they did major drainage works there months and months ago by the hospital, and the road is now like being on a roller coaster!


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