Aratere Tests Continue


Tests on the Cook Strait ferry Aratere are continuing.

Interislander general manager Thomas Davis says good progress has been made, but any resumption of services would depend on the result of the tests and the input of the Maritime NZ and Det Norske Veritas officials on board.

To minimize passenger disruption, Interislander has cancelled Aratere’s scheduled passenger sailings today and tomorrow. Affected passengers have been offered alternative arrangements.
Aratere sailings will be freight-only till Tuesday November 8. The ship was scheduled not to sail on Sunday or Monday, before this disruption

Mr Davis apologised to customers for the disruption, but said that safety is paramount for Interislander and Aratere would not resume services till Interislander was confident in its ability to sail properly.

WELLINGTON HARBOUR; Plenty of boats available but not the Aratere

A blackout test was successfully carried out on Wednesday night, and key repairs were done yesterday. A test is being held this morning in Wellington Harbour, running the ship’s engines and power control systems to ensure they worked properly. This involves a full load engine failure test to simulate the failure that occurred on Monday evening.

Mr Davis said engine and power management technical experts Wartsila and ABB have been brought in to assist Interislander.




  1. Antz says:

    I think Kiwirail should have bought a new ship. I heard the Aratere had a really bad history of failures and incidents.

    The Crew on board actually call it “El Lemon”

  2. Alex says:

    Lol and this article quotes Winston Peters? Could you find anyone more irrelevant? Hahaha.

  3. Luke says:

    in unrealted sillyness try-out the link in the stuff article for Auckland Transport -

    guess which popular transport site it links too?


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