Motorway Closures Ahead, Big Projects Start


It’s going to be another busy summer for NZTA motorway projects with considerable disruption during the next few months.

Several new projects get underway – Waterview, the the first stage of associated work to raise and widen the Northwestern’s upper harbour causeway, the construction of a new footbridge across the Northwestern at Westgate (a joint project with Auckland Transport); and improvements to the Papakura interchange on the Southern Motorway.

Victoria park tunnel gets ready to open

There’ll be motorway closures on these dates:

• 11-14 November, Victoria Park Tunnel: Intensive work to connect tunnel lanes to SH1 will cause severe disruption and delays for northbound motorway drivers through the Central Motorway Junction (Spaghetti Junction) throughout the weekend. Two of tunnel’s three lanes are scheduled to open on Monday 14 November.
• 13 November, Southern Motorway: Overnight closures of all northbound lanes between Ellerslie and Greenlane interchanges for works linked to highway widening and rail electrification.
• 22 – 24 November, SH1/2 interchange, Pokeno: Overnight closures SH1 southbound for highway resurfacing.
• 27 – 29 November, SH1/2 interchange Pokeno: Overnight closure SH1 northbound for highway resurfacing.
• 3-4 December, Newmarket Viaduct: Three of four southbound lanes closed for work to connect or “stitch” together the new southbound and northbound viaducts
• 4 - 6 December, SH1/2 interchange, Pokeno: north and southbound ramps from SH2 to SH1 closed overnight for resurfacing.
• 26 December - 8 January, Auckland Harbour Bridge: Annual maintenance programme will close two lanes for resealing
• 7-8 January, Lincoln Road (Northwestern Motorway): Motorway closure and diversions in place while the old Lincoln Road overbridge is demolished.
• 8 January, Victoria Park Viaduct: Re-configured viaduct becomes operational and will carry four lanes of southbound traffic.
• 28-30 January, Newmarket Viaduct: Full closure of Southern Motorway northbound between Market Road and Gillies Avenue so that traffic can be switched on to new northbound viaduct.

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  1. BD says:

    what about the north-west busway proposal I do hope this was taken to account before any motorway widening begins

  2. Matt L says:

    BD - no it was ignored, the reason given was that the council hadn’t listed SH16 as an RTN. The problem though is even the part that is listed to be an RTN (the bit north of Lincoln Rd) was ignored and hasn’t been designed with a busway in mind.

  3. Dan says:

    It astounds me that with all the work going on with the motorways, that there is never any mention of plans to widen the most obvious morning bottleneck on the Southern Motorway, being the Mt Wellington bridge / flyover. As it doesn’t seem to effect the South bound traffic as badly, the Government could probably get away with sorting out the Northbound lanes for the time being. The addition of 1 or 2 lanes would greatly ease the flow of traffic in the morning rush-hour(s), which currently backs up as far back as Highbrook.
    Does anyone know if there’s any plans to widen this bridge / flyover?

  4. Matt L says:

    Dan - I believe that has been left deliberatly to act as a funnel so that traffic from the South Eastern Arterial is also able to join the motorway. The suggestion is that by widening that bridge it would allow a lot more traffic through which with the additional traffic from east would require even more widening all the way up the motorway.

  5. Patrick R says:

    Matt L that sounds awfully like picking winners: South Eastern people over Southern…. hmmmm?


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