46 Rena Containers Off, Damaged Ones Next


Container removal from Rena has continued today with salvors removing a further 6 containers. This brings the total to 46 containers removed from the ship.

A total of 40 containers have been brought ashore.

But now it gets tricky. It will slow for a whole , as the next containers to be targeted by the salvage team are quite badly damaged.

Rena container is secured, ready to be lifted of | MNZ

A rapid response “strike team” of oil spill responders was out on the beaches today, ready to respond to any reports of oil from the public. They received one report of oil at Papamoa, and have gone to dispose of this oil.




  1. Karl-Heinz Lehmann says:

    I valuate highly the daily reports.

    Do you have available latest pictures of the sterns state of charge ??


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