LINK Services Growing Beyond Targets


The new LINK bus services are proving popular- ahead of targets. While the original green Link has kept its usual customers.

A report to the board of Auckland Transport says the new bus service designs in central Isthmus introduced in August, including the City, Inner and Outer LINK services are showing a 9% higher patronage than the targeted +12% growth from the business case during the first 11 weeks of operation to November 6

  • The City LINK has grown from week one in August of 45,300 passengers to 65,600 passengers per week,
  • The Inner LINK has remained constant at an average 43,800 passengers per week
  • The Outer LINK has grown from 25,700 passengers in the opening week to 30,300 passengers in the week to  November 6.

Outer LINK proving popular

Rail patronage for the month of October achieved 1,211,967, a new monthly record and an increase  of +55.3% on October 2010.

But AT acknowledges that the increase in patronage in October is partly a result of Rugby World Cup.

583,000  passengers used public transport to and from match venues on special event public transport in addition to the overall increased use of public transport during RWC2011.

On average, public  transport was used by 38% of match attendees to get to and from match venues in Auckland.




  1. Feijoa says:

    The new services are good. Having bright coloured buses helps publicise the service and make it easier to use.

    Given how much they’ve spent on new buses, advertising, drivers, etc. it is strange how the website doesn’t offer an easy way to find where bus stops are. There is a route map that would be good, if it wasn’t so small. It doesn’t have any stops shown on it and you have to open up a PDF with a long list of bus stop numbers which hardly helps. A decent map with stops is a must.

  2. The Trickster says:

    Feijoa - Maxx is just an absolutely horrible site overall. I love the “click on the K Rd bus stop” function which usually highlights one somewhere in Onehunga or somewhere else.

    Apart from 1 leg journeys where I know it’ll pick the most efficient option, I almost always just use timetables instead - its less than useless.

  3. ingolfson says:

    Sadly, my first try at the City Link bus really put me off - it was in afternoon peak time, and it took 25 minutes to just go from K Road to bottom of Queen Street.

    ALL passengers except me (!) got off at traffic lights because walking was so much faster. I would have gotten off too, except that I was continuing on the same bus to Wynyard Quarter, and so was sunk time anyway.

  4. Owen Thompson says:

    I far prefer which has a PT option. No comparison to that hopeless Maxx site.

    How long does a circuit on the Outer Link take? I would love to travel on it when I’m in town. The old Link was about 1 hour in length.

  5. Harry says:

    Don’t forget the City Link is free at present. It is only free to Hop card holders from January.

  6. Matthew Flower says:

    The Outer Link takes between 60 and 90 minutes.


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