Rena “Still Intact”


The Rena is still intact and its condition has not changed overnight.

It is still extremely windy out at the vessel and there is a low probability of work resuming at this stage

Electronic monitoring of the vessel via sensors on board continues, but this data shows nothing adverse. There are no fresh reports of oil ashore overnight.

RENA: Before and after comparison - what stern looks like today| MNZ

Salvors suspended operations alongside the Rena on Wednesday because of deteriorating weather conditions.

The total number of containers removed is now 95, which has considerably altered the rear profile of the Rena.

RENA: Almost all containers have been removed from the stern |MNZ




  1. Geoff Houtman says:

    I saw that today. How did they get the amazing gravity defying cans off?

    Is there footage anywhere?

  2. Karl-Heinz Lehmann says:

    Thank you for the pictures . That looks very good.

    How many tons of charge are now taken off the Rena ? That reduces the breaking torque a lot.

    Weld the gaps and it will remain swimming !! ??
    In how many waterproof areas is the ship zoned ??
    Best Regards


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