Shared Spaces Working


Auckland Transport has issued figures showing pedestrians are using Auckland’s new Shared Spaces and the concept is working.

The Space concept has been introduced in parts of the CBD including Darby, Elliot St, Lorne St and at New Lynn’s Totara Avenue.

AT says pedestrian activity on such streets in the CBD has increased by between 50 and 140 per cent following their introduction.

ELLIOTT ST: Shared Space concept is working

Transport planners will gather at a walking seminar tomorrow Friday to share ideas on how to build on the recent success of shared spaces and school travel plans. The seminar hosted by Auckland Transport will headline international walking expert Dr Rodney Tolley as the guest speaker.

FORT ST: Pedestrians can enjoy it now

Dr Tolley, conference director of Walk21, a non-profit organisation that developed the International Charter for Walking will speak about the current status of walking policy around the world and what Auckland can do to get more people walking.

The seminar will focus on promoting healthy, efficient and sustainable communities where people choose and are able to walk as a way to travel.

Auckland Transport Community Transport Manager Matthew Rednall says pedestrian activity on Darby, Lorne and Fort streets has increased by between 50 and 140 per cent.

On Darby Street, there are now fewer cars and they are travelling at slower speeds.

DARBY ST: Fewer cars

He calls the needs of pedestrians are being integral in all projects undertaken by Auckland Transport.

“The Mayor’s vision of a more liveable city cannot be realised without making Auckland a more walkable city.

“The Queen Street upgrade and continuing city centre improvements are making the walking journey in and around the city centre much more desirable and attractive. Shared spaces may be a new concept for most Aucklanders but pedestrians have really taken to them and as a result are adding healthy walking to their days.

“Our TravelWise programme is making a real impact with increasing numbers of students walking to school. School travel plans have reduced crashes involving pedestrians around TravelWise schools by 48 per cent and more than $132 million has been spent on safety infrastructure including a significant investment in pedestrian improvements,” says Mr Rednall.

TOTARA AVE: The suburbs successful foray into Shared Space

Dr Rodney Tolley has taught and researched at Staffordshire University in the UK for over 30 years. He is an experienced consultant in the sustainable transport field and a director of Walk 21, a global partnership of walking experts who raise awareness of walking issues.
He has edited three editions of “The Greening of Urban Transport: Planning for Walking and Cycling in Western Cities,” which has been described as the ‘bible’ of green mode planning. Through these activities he has a unique oversight of developing practice in walking in the UK, Australasia, Europe and across the world.

What: Stepping into the future: Auckland walking seminar
When: Friday 2 December
Where: Mecure Hotel, Auckland




  1. Matt L says:

    That’s great news. I love the shared spaces and think they are working quite well in general. It would be interesting to know how retailers along them are going and whether they have seen similar increases in revenue (I had noticed that over the last year that the Kebabs on Queen have had to hire more staff to keep up with demand).

    Also I wonder how New Lynn’s Totora Ave shared space is going?

  2. Sean says:

    Unfortunately, some car drivers still travel too fast - at least through the Fort St space, the one with which I’m most familiar.

  3. Matt L says:

    I went up to Darby St today to get something, I haven’t been up there for a month or so but found the place was really pumping with people which was great to see. There are also new and refurbished shops and bars opening up so the upgrade is definitely having some positive impacts and businesses are obviously seeing that too. Hopefully this will encourage businesses on other streets to push for the same treatment.

  4. James B says:

    @Sean Fort Street seems to have faster speeds. I wonder if it is because vehicles don’t have to turn into it and thus hit it at speed. Maybe they need to put some trees at the start to force traffic to make a turn and slow down.

  5. Harry says:

    Why is Fort Lane open to through traffic at all?
    There are some interesting developments down there.

  6. Simon Lyall says:

    At least when I walk though it (around 9am) Elliot St is very full of delivery and construction vehicles which are probably discouraging other traffic.

    Once the construction has finished and the random 5 minute waits go away I would expect traffic to pick up again

  7. James B says:

    Pedestrianise High St now.

  8. Bob says:

    Yes High St needs something done to it soon. I’m sick of walking on High St at lunch times. Footpaths are so congested you can’t get anywhere. You start walking on the road to get around people and a car steams by you.

  9. Steve says:

    Matt L asks how the Totara Avenue shared space is going. I can see from the picture that a roller door is unpainted, but it had a mural applied during September so this picture was probably taken before the official opening and therefore pretty much before many people knew about it. I was invited by Auckland Transport to sell coffee during September as part of the “opening” and they provided vouchers for the retailers to give away to the public. In my opinion it was a ghost town at lunchtime, there was hardly anyone to be seen, I don’t know how the businesses there survive.


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