Swells Hit Rena Container Recovery


It is unlikely any container recovery operations from the Rena will be able to take place for the next few days. The weather forecast is for heavy rain, culminating in winds of up to 25-30 knots on Sunday night, with sea swells of up to 3m.

Bad weather yesterday prevented any container recovery. The total number of containers removed from the wreck so far remains at 166.

There still appears to be some oil spil. Observation flights this morning reported a narrow sheen of light oil still coming from the vessel approximately 30-40 metres wide and three kilometres long.

Oil spill response clean-up teams are working at Mauao (Mount Maunganui) using warm water washing to clean residual oil from the rocky shoreline. There are also clean-up teams working at Moturiki (Leisure Island), and Matakana Island, Volunteers working with Operation Beach Clean are working at Pāpāmoa Beach and Te Tumu today removing oil exposed by recent heavy winds.

The crane barge Sea Tow 60 is currently in sheltered water near Mōtītī Island, waiting for clearer weather before returning to its site at Rena.

Despite swells preventing any crane operation, salvors are still able to work on board Rena. They are being winched onto the wreck by helicopter as the sea state will not allow them to get on board from vessels. Yesterday, Svitzter focused on installing rigging to prepare containers for removal.

The salvors are focusing on attaching patches to damaged sections of the Rena to aid its stability. Work on attaching the first patch on the port side has begun.

Maritime NZ says that ongoing monitoring of the wreck via electronic sensors shows no change to the state of the Rena.

Container processing on shore by Braemar Howells is continuing with 160 containers landed at the port.

RENA: Food products are tipped out of a container |MNZ

Site inspections are being carried out at Maketu and Moturiki to assess if the sites are ready for the safe release of wildlife. The wildlife team expects to release around 15 dotterel at Maketū tomorrow afternoon.

This butter from a  container will be tested to see if it can be converted into bio-diesel |MNZ





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