Rena Dotterel Released


5 Dotterel that had been pre-emptively caught to protect them from the effects of the oil spill from Rena were released this afternoon.

NZ dotterel expert John Dowding with kaumatua Huriwaka Rewa |MNZ

Their habitat on the Maketu Spit was confirmed clean enough for their return.

Maketu residents Julian Fitter and Jayne Ivimey, with NZ dotterel expert John Dowding (centre) release a dotterel |MNZ

The birds have been cared for by the National Oiled Wildlife Response Team in purpose-built aviaries at the oiled wildlife facility at Te Maunga.

Kaumatua Huriwaka Rewa blessed the birds with a karakia before they were released back into the wild by dotterel expert John Dowding.

It is unlikely any container recovery operations from the Rena will be able to take place for the next few days. The weather forecast includes winds of up to 25-30 knots on Sunday night, with sea swells of up to 3m.





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