New Help To Unload Rena’s Containers


A large crane barge has arrived in Tauranga Harbour to help with the removal of containers from the Rena.

It’s equipped with pedestal crane with 54m reach, and a maximum lifting capacity of 500 tonnes.

Smit Borneo

Smit Borneo arrives to help get containers off the Rena |MNZ

A total of 167 containers have been removed. There were 1368 containers on board when Rena ran aground, and an estimated 87 were washed overboard on 12 October, leaving 1114 on board today.

People watch as the Smit Borneo arrives to help with Rena | MNZ

The new barge, Smit Borneo, has is now berthed in the Port of Tauranga. It is expected to take several days to prepare the barge for container removal operations from the Rena.

The barge left Singapore on November 8.

Smit Borneo being towed | MNZ

Maritime NZ says it will be able to remove containers beyond the reach of the Sea Tow 60.
However, its operation will still be weather dependent, in much the same way as the Sea Tow 60.

Its details: Length: 110m Breadth: 30m Draft: 3.6m Accommodation capacity for 152 people.

No container removal operations were undertaken over the weekend due to high swells. Container removal operations are not expected to resume for the next day or so.

The rough weather resulted in the release of a small amount of weathered oil from under the wreck on Saturday night.

Officials say this may result in some light oiling reaching beaches between Pāpāmoa and Mount Maungaui and the public may see sticky tar balls reach the shoreline.

Rena is still intact after the weekend’s stormy weather. Electronic sensors monitoring the movement of the wreck indicated some extra movement during last night’s swells, but Svitzer advises there was nothing untoward in the readings.





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