Greens New Transport Person


Greens has appointed new MP Julie-Anne Genter as the party’s transport spokesperson.

It’s an ideal fit as the American has worked as an urban planning consultant and transport planner, is passionate about sustainable transport and has the credentials.

NEW GREENS MP: Julie-Anne Genter is transport spokesperson

Former spokesperson Gareth Hughes will concentrate on mining, oceans and other environmental issues - something he has done an impressive job with over the Rena problem.

Full marks for Gareth for the energy he put into transport. He did a great job.






  1. Matt L says:

    Yes Gareth did a great job but Julie-Anne is the most logical choice going forward and I look forward to her really putting some tough questions on the government.

    Now we just need a strong labour transport spokesperson who is interested in the portfolio to really help put pressure on. I personally think Phil Twyford would be best

  2. joust says:

    cheers Gareth - an MP to watch

  3. Giel says:

    Good choice Very impressive little of her I saw on Backbenchers on TVNZ 7

  4. Sam says:

    i hope shes as passionate as Gareth- his passion really came across in his words, as well as his actions when it came to pushing things like the rail link. Im sure he put in many hours over and above what he had to do

  5. Jon R says:

    Yes, great to have her on board with her experience. I have seen her talking at a couple of presentations and she will be an asset to the Greens, and ask some very tough questions of Gerry.

    I also like Gareth´s work to date…so these two MP´s are excellent to have on board.

    As far as Labour goes, I have only really seen David Shearer and Sue Moroney talking transport. David was good, and Sue was excellent focusing on transport issues for the Waikato. Not really sure anyone else in Labour can handle transport as it seems out of their skillset.

    At the end of the day, if Gerry and the Nats are not interested in better public transport / further rail investment then an effective opposition will be required from Greens / Labour and NZ First.

    At an advocates base it will be up to the likes of CBT and other regional groups to stir public interest and either counter some of the ridiculous statements made by the AA and Road Transport Forum.

  6. Simon C says:

    Ok so transport is not all about the CRL but Jacinda Ardern is passionate about that project and has a good rep as a hard worker and diligent MP, and as a transport issue that will be one of the biggest on the agenda in the next three years, I would be happy to see her take that role for Labour. Working with Julie-anne Genter who knows they might even be able to make sure Gerry doesn`t get an armchair ride. Hopefully Genter`s expertise will unlock a few chinks in Gerry`s armour though like Joyce he has a rep of being pretty savvy and hard to pin down and embarass. Unflappable is a word I`ve heard the media use several times to descibe him.

  7. Geoff Houtman says:

    The Great City Rail Link Forum-Debate.

    All the interested parties, two days, all the info, BCR interpretations, horse trading- whatever is needed.

    Get a celebrity to host?

    If the case can be made VERY PUBLICLY to the Gummint, they’ll have no excuse not to do it.

    It’s so “Auckland” and “conflict based reality show” that the media will get all over it.


  8. ingolfson says:

    Julie is good (and yes, she’s passionate!) but I will really miss Gareth! Ah well, not like he can’t assist Julie every now and then…

  9. urbanlocal says:

    Sounds great Geoff. You should organise it!

  10. rtc says:

    Gareth was great, but Julie has the background to really put the hard questions to the ministers. All going well she could be helping make policy in government in a few years time.

  11. rtc says:

    plus Brownlee won’t be able to call Julie-Anne a man-boy or whatever child slurs Joyce used to denigrate Gareth with.

  12. Geoff Houtman says:

    Urbanlocal- Can I do it after Christmas? My brain is scrambled…

  13. urbanlocal says:

    Yes you may ; )


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