89th Container Falls Off Rena


A container, with meat products inside it, fell off Rena yesterday – this has been recovered. This brings the total number of containers washed overboard to 89.

A total of 17 containers were removed from Rena over the weekend – nine on Saturday and eight yesterday. In addition to four removed on Friday, this brings the total number of containers removed from Rena by Svitzer to 227.

219 containers have been brought ashore and are being processed by the container recovery specialists Braemar Howells Ltd.

The container recovery team is working on East Cape and will also be surveying Whale Island. No sonar work was possible yesterday as the equipment was attacked by sharks. A helicopter will fly to Mōtītī Island tomorrow to check the beaches for container debris.

Dive inspections have been conducted on a regular basis and buckling damage adjacent to the no. 6 hold on the starboard side continues to develop. This is consistent with previous inspections following periods of bad weather. This will continue to be monitored.

Wind is blowing south easterly at 15-20 knots turning northerly this afternoon. Showers are clearing later today.

A narrow trail of rainbow sheen is visible off the bow to the northwest for 1km.

A Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Team will be checking Ōmanu and Pilot Bay today. Two clean-up teams are working at the Mount, one team undertaking warm water washing and the other scraping rocks. A team is also working at Kulim Park.

SMIT BORNEO: It works but needs good weather | MNZ


Three wildlife teams are working at the southern end of Mōtītī Island looking for oiled wildlife. 23 little blue penguins from the western side of Mōtītī Island were released yesterday. The penguins, from Sandy Bay, north of Panaturi Point, were released by boat.

The release leaves 43 little blue penguins and 1 dotterel remaining in care at the Te Maunga oiled wildlife facility. Work is continuing to dismantle the majority of the facility – a few structures will be left standing until the last of the wreck is removed from the reef, allowing the facility to scale back up if needed.

Carlijn Bouwman points a peguin in the right direction during a release at Motiti Island |MNZ

Night operations to check on released birds are continuing and staff have reported very few oiled birds being found. However, four oiled penguins were picked up over the weekend, two from Mōtītī Island and two Mt Maunganui.





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