Botany Town Centre Shows the Way


Botany Town Centre is doing something Westfield would never dream of doing, judging by the shocking way they treat pedestrians at their malls like St Lukes.

Botany Town Centre is offering free gift delivery service to encourage shoppers to hang up their car keys in favour of taking public transport to and from the centre.

Good on you Botany.

It calls it a  bid to reduce the carbon footprint and make Christmas shopping easier. Botany Town Centre has teamed up with what’s billed as New Zealand’s only carbon neutral courier service, Urgent Couriers as well as Auckland Transport.

Botany Town Centre management sees an alignment between the centre’s commitment to sustainability and that of Urgent Couriers, and hopes to see the Auckland community contribute to a greener future by making use of public transport.

Shoppers can take their gift packages to the Botany Town Centre Information Desk (outside Farmers) and all items received before 4pm will be delivered between 6pm and 8pm the same night until Christmas Eve.

The offer for free home delivery will apply to all purchases over $50 (excluding supermarket, perishables and big ticket items) and can be redeemed upon presentation of receipts and a current bus ticket or cycling helmet to the Botany Town Centre Information Desk.

The Urgent Tonight service is available to those living between a designated area from Botany Town Centre which includes areas as far north as Albany and as far south as Takanini. The full delivery area can be found here

BOTANY TOWN CENTRE: Encouraging public transport

Yesterday I made the mistake of going to Westfield’s St Lukes and even to walk through the upper car park without getting bowled by cars was a mission.

They are of the old school that believe malls are places people drive to.




  1. Bryce says:

    Botany? Falls on floor laughing……where you have to cross 6 lanes of traffic to get to nearby shops that for some reason the council has allowed to be built?
    The whole area, given that it is only 11 or so years old, is flawed and this is possibly the only good thing that has ever happened out there.

  2. James Pole says:

    Botany isn’t really a good example of a good shopping centre. It’s too big (for the number of shops it has) so you have to walk ages to get anywhere. Decent local bus connections (other than the regular link to the City) are few. Even St Lukes is better in my opinion — at least everything is pretty compact and it’s easy to get in (from the South-West I hasten to add). The only major downside to St Lukes is the horrible bus interchange there that results in buses to Mt Albert departing from no less than 3 different stops! But the buses are somewhat frequent and take you to most nearby suburbs.

  3. Andrew says:

    In their defense, the owners of Botany Town Centre weren’t the ones who built it.

    Botany changed ownership recently, it’s now owned by KIPT who also bought Lynnmall after first building Sylvia Park.

    edit: Scratch that, I had confused AMP and KIPT. Botany is owned by AMP. But at least it’s still not Westfield!

    And personally I’d much rather support KIPT (edit: and AMP) than Westfield who are still very much transit-hostile.

  4. Matt L says:

    A great example of Westfield being hostile, have a listen to the videos on the site below from them where they slam the idea of narrowing streets and reducing parking. Clearly they haven’t heard about the success that is happening in the CBD.

  5. Sam says:

    I think a major problem malls are having at the moment is that there are actually not enough car parks- At Sylvia Park people were driving in, circulating and driving strait out on Saturday afternoon. People were parking on footpaths around the place, but there still wasnt enough space. If they don’t encourage more people to use PT, they are actively turning away customers

  6. Bryce says:

    That’s brilliant Sam. Don’t let them put any more parks in to compensate either.

  7. Bob says:

    Good on them……….

    I’m avoiding Westfields for their attitude. There attitude stinks. Don’t like how they didn’t support the linking up the train stations at Morningside (St Lukes) and Henderson (Westcity).


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