AT Has New Key Chief


Greg Edmonds has been appointed to the important role of Chief Operating Officer for Auckland Transport. He replaces former ARTA’s Fergus Gammie who has taken up a position with Transport New South Wales.

Greg is currently Acting General Manager for Air New Zealand’s operations in North Asia.

GREG EDMONDS: Key role at Auckland Transport

AT says he has a wealth of experience in leading teams in large, diverse organisations including New Zealand Post and for the past seven years in senior roles with Air New Zealand.

He has an MBA from Auckland University and takes up his new role in the New Year.

His Linked in profile says he’s an experienced General Manager with a strong focus on passenger and freight transportation.

He has been Air NZ’s area general manager in China for just over a year; was Air NZ Auckland airport manager for 6 years and Outsource solutiuons GM Operations at NZ Post for a year.




  1. Ingolfson says:

    Seeing that Fergus was apparently a micro-manager apt to stifle his staff (thankfully I only saw it from afar), hopefully this guy can be a bit more encouraging.

  2. BD says:

    Seems like every bloody Kiwi is moving to Australia, so much for National trying to prevent the flow of Kiwi’s to Aussie they’re obviously failing miserably.

  3. Paul in Sydney says:

    I dout the ability of any government stopping bloody Kiwis moving to Aus

  4. Matt says:

    Paul, of course. But National made such a big deal about it in 2008 that they’ve turned it into a vote of confidence in the government of the day. The phrase is “Hoist by their own petard.”

  5. InLinked says:

    Greg is a top bloke and will bring huge knowledge and ideas from Air NZ in operating a large scale passenger oriented transport business.


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