Most lovable French words


French has always been known as the language of love. Further, everyone has ever heard that Paris is the city of love and the French people have great styles, lovely language, amazing food and gorgeous accents.

Here’s is a list of seven most lovable French words selected based on their meanings and sounds.

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1. Coquillage

It means seashell. Alternatively, these are seashells found along the beautiful beaches in the southern part of France.

People go to these beaches and collect seashells and keep them as souvenir.

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2. Bisou

The French people have the tendency to greet each other by using this term bisou which means a friendly kiss.

It is an expression of love and they greet each other this way at least once in a week in many regions in the country.

3. Hippocampe

It means seahorse. This is a majestic creature that travels long distances in the sea and it is the male creatures that carry their babies rather than females.

This term is widely used and loved as it expresses wonderful external strength possessed by men.

4. Chuchoter

It means whisper in French. The excitement of this word is in the pronunciation. The context of the word does not necessarily matter but the sound is what makes it lovable.

5. Parapluie

The word will cheer you up on a rainy day. It means umbrella. It is not only lovely to hear and say it but it also protects you from the rain by carrying your umbrella.

6. Envie

It means desire. When you hear this words especially from the locals, then know that they are interested with something. Their comfort nature makes this word beautiful.

7. Paplemousse

This word rolls out from the tongue in a very playful manner. It means grapefruit. The French have excellent markets and they love grapes.

These beautiful vocabulary will help you next time you take a trip to France.

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How to make a good mojito ?


This famous highball cocktail is one that is extremely refreshing and perfect for the summers. Made differently in many parts of the world, here you will find out how to make that perfect traditional Cuban Mojito, one that is extremely pleasing to the palette. A great way to entertain guest coming over for a pool party or just enjoying your days on a tropical island with this beverage. This cocktail take about 8 mins to make, isn’t that great?

Here is a good mojito homemade.

You will also find here the best recette cocktail in the world that you can easily reproduce at home with ingredients easy to find.



This signature drink is characterized by the presence of mint and lime, hence it is essential to get both of these ingredients fresh from the market. Traditionally this Cuban cocktail uses spearmint or yerba buena if you can get your hands on that nothing like it, fresher the ingredients, stronger the taste and the aroma. You will also need some granulated or powdered sugar, Havana club white rum, a few mint leaves, juice from one lime, crushed ice and Havana club soda.


In a Collin glass, place 4 mint leaves, and squeeze the juice of a lemon (2 ounces) over it. Now it’s time to add the powdered/granulated sugar, using the back of a muddler, or a spoon gently start crushing the mint leaves, slowly infusing the mixture with the taste and scent of the leaves. It is essential to be gentle while crushing the leaves as you don’t want to over crush them, which will only result in a strong bitter taste. Add some ice, preferably crushed ice, enough to fill half of the glass then stir in about 2 ounces of the Havan white rum.

Lastly, you could either top up the glass with the Havana club soda or you could also stir it in, depending on how you enjoy your drink. If you don’t like a very sweet mojito you could add some angostura bitters to cut off the sweetness.Don’t forget to add a few mint sprigs and a slice of lime as a garnish, you could also coat the rim of the glass with some powdered sugar, this, however, is totally optional.
You will also notice some recipes state that you must crush lemon wedges with the mint leaves, in order to infuse the drink with their scent, however, what may happen is the skin of the lemon if crushed extensively could start to let out its bitterness which may only ruin this cocktail.

It’s now time to reward all of your efforts. Cheers !

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The Spinoff Live Email Interview: only the most exciting new talent in New Zealand writing, Hera Lindsay Bird


This week Hera Lindsay launches her first collection of poetry titled Hera Lindsay Bird. It includes her breathtaking poem posted yesterday at the Spinoff, ‘Keats Is Dead So Fuck Me From Behind‘, and her earlier Spinoff poem ‘Monica‘, about the Courtney Cox character in Friends – that poem went crazy on Facebook, it was hilarious and confessional and lyrical, it was like nothing else no one is writing in New Zealand or maybe anywhere in the world.

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