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An early account of Auckland’s first train – reproduced here from a Government Railways Department publication -  puts the date as being 1884 in a service to Onehunga.

“The train started from Fort Britomart, which was the high embankment just about the foot of where Anzac Avenue now is. I remember we used to have to climb up there what we called ‘Jacob’s Ladder,’ and the Presbyterian Church (St. Andrew’s) was on the crest before it was shifted to its present location. When the time came for the train to start on December 24, Mr. Hardington, who ran coaches between Onehunga and Auckland, suspended his service, as he thought it would be no use competing against the regular train. The contractors for the railway line ran the first train, and continued to do so for some little time until the railway was taken over by the Government.”

As is typical of this tale of Auckland trains, services to Onehunga were axed in 1973- and it took decades until it was agreed to rebuilt the service, which will open sometime this year.

The K900, built at the Government workshops in the 30s,promised cleaner power and more efficiency

Auckland railway enthusiasts' trip

Steam engine used by Auckland's Mainline Steam

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