Catch a train from the Strand? So says the sign!


You can catch a train from the old railway station at the Strand during peak times.

So says this sign -significantly detached from reality.

It’s hanging at the old Auckland Railway Station in Beach Rd. Goodness knows what sign it’s covering up.

After all the years Britomart has been opened, you would think at least someone could afford a decent looking sign - not this tale of two halves that doesn’t even cover the space behind it.


The building still says it’s Auckland’s Railway Station - and not what it has been used for since 1999 - student apartments presently under repair including re-cladding after leaks were found and the Auckland University ordered it evacuated in 2007 because of its state.

Marble columns, terrazzo floors and vaulted ceilings from the station remain.

Only the NZ tourist guide published in Kazakhstan still lists it as the Auckland railway station so maybe it doesn’t matter about the sign as few tourists from Kazakhstan venture this far.




  1. AR says:

    This is an amazing building of architectural significance to the country. Its a pity though that due to the lack of VISION and COMMON SENSE, it has been converted into student apartments aka cubby holes that leak. Why could it not have been developed into something amazing?

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  3. ebossNOW says:

    @AR, agreed. This building is beautiful and currently underutilised. There’s no way you want to retitle it though…


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