Morningside Commuters Find Their Station A “Bomb Wreck”



Commuters trying to board from Morningside are battling to be able to find any room on the platform to stand amid machines and workmen busy tearing down the old station and putting up a new Mt-Eden style station.

I checked it out yesterday and people were struggling to find anywhere they could stand on the platform which is boarded off with high security fencing while the work is being done - and when the train arrived, they had to run the obstacle course on slippery wet gravel and stones as only a couple of doors were open and they were further up the station platform amidst the work. This is madness. It wasn’t this crazy when I reported on progress a month ago.

Reader Sam Finnemore had a bad experience as well this morning and sent in this report and photos on the status of the new Morningside station being built.

At last the skeleton of a Mount Eden-style shelter was put in place; I visited today and didn’t find much progress, with the glass and seats yet to be installed and the whole structure still fenced off. morn2

However, despite this being unfinished, Ontrack in their wisdom have decided to knock down half of the old station that had seating to begin constructing a second shelter.


As of right now there’s no seating at all for passengers at Morningside station. Morningside’s literally upstanding commuters had a bit of extra time to contemplate OnTrack’s skill in planning and concern for customer comfort, since the 7:38 train was eight minutes behind time. Another day on the rails in Auckland!


Sam also mentions :

The timetable on the station platform, for some reason has been stood up on the asphalt temporarily, high up and way far out of the sight of mere mortals

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  1. Chris R says:

    “However, despite this being unfinished, Ontrack in their wisdom have decided to knock down half of the old station that had seating to begin constructing a second shelter”

    Nothing to do with Ontrack. Above rail is ARTA’s responsibility.

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks Chris. Good point.

  3. Sam F says:

    Ah, my bad. Cheers Chris.

  4. Sam Finnemore says:

    Update, for those who care: signs are up, the tarmac is down, but both shelters are still incomplete with no seating at all. I saw people this morning sitting on folded scaffolding left inside the eastern shelter in lieu of seating.

    It’s been just about a month now. Come on now, chaps - I have no idea why it is so hard to get this done with the small brigade of workmen that hang around the station in the morning. The design of the shelters wouldn’t seem to preclude seating going in first, and pretty etched glass walls a bit later on.

    Please understand I’m not just moaning for myself here, as I can stand up for a half hour if needed, but also for the sake of older older or less mobile passengers for whom lack of seating isn’t just annoying or inconvenient, but genuinely uncomfortable, or even painful.

  5. Jon says:

    Thanks for the update. I can’t understand why it takes so long. They seem to erect apartment buildings in five minutes these days. But its true some may leak.


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