Electrification Work The Weekend’s Priority


The complex job of preparing Auckland’s rail system for electrification is a priority for development work takingdrill2 place this weekend while buses replace trains on the Western line.

Bridge work on the western line began at labour weekend and continues at full strength this weekend. Adjustments have to be made to the rail tracks near the Sandringham Rd and Mt Eden Rd rail overbridges to ensure that there’s enough clearance for overhead wires to run beneath it.

This work involves

  • Adjustments to the bridge abutments to accommodate the changed track heights
  • Adjusting the railway tracks about 100 metres each side of the bridge.

Most of this work can only be done when there are no trains running so local residents have also been warned that some of it will be carried out overnight as well as at weekends. Businesses have also been warned some work will cause noise, dust and vibrations! The bulk of the work will be done during the month-long Christmas shutdown period from December 26 to January 18.

Sandringham Rd overbridge

Sandringham Rd overbridge

Work continues as well on the bridges in Remuera Rd, Park Rd and Kyhber Pass and a fourth bridge at St Marks Rd will be rebuilt over the Christmas closedown.

Kiwirail also has to check to ensure the wire heights conform to the required standards above level crossings and restrictions may end up being placed on the height of vehicles able to pass through.

The resumption of the trains in January will be marked on January 18 by the official opening of the new Newmarket station.

Work on installing the masts needed will not start until around Christmas of next year. Kiwirail says a range of different mast types will be used to ensure the overhead wires are held at the correct height and tension so that the trains can run beneath them. Safety screens will be installed on bridges and if necessary on station buildings to ensure the risk of contact with any live conductors is low.

Workers will need a beer after a hard day's work at the Mt Eden station

Workers will need a beer after a hard day's work at the Mt Eden station




  1. It has to be said that this site is scarcely up to date - news from 2009!!!! Lots must have happened since then surely? John Gilbert

  2. Andy says:

    Um…Yes from 2009, that’s what it says in the title. What’s your point? Did you even look at the home page of this site?
    There have been hundreds of posts by Jon giving us a constant update on what is happening. His site has more up to date news than any of the papers or other media outlets.

  3. Jon C says:

    I am sure I have done at least one post this year……


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