Banksy Launches His SuperMayor Campaign With Rail Promise


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The website has been saying “Coming Soon.”

And this morning, Banks officially launched his bid for the Auckland supercity mayoralty with the website and an advertising campaign.

The present mayor and one time staunch petrolhead has surprised many of us with his new tolerance for public transport, especially his clear policy on supporting the proposed CBD rail loop.

On his website he pledges (written annoyingly in the third person as if by some PR person) the following about rail:

John Banks is pushing heavily for an inner city loop to enable the Britomart Train Station to run at optimum capacity. This valued improvement to our rail system would help more than just the CBD, but enable more efficient, regular and timely rail service from the centre to the west and south of Auckland region.

John also has a commitment to electrification of the trains and substantially upgraded modern rolling stock. Says John - “We’ll never encourage better public transport use with antiquated rolling-stock and unreliable service.” Fast, clean and user friendly trains will make a big difference in giving people choices in how they move around greater Auckland.

After his last election, he was asked how sincere he was in having changed as a person. he said then: “The changes that are needed are probably more conceived than real. There has been a certain amount of overheated discussion around just how bad I may or may not have been, but three long years in exile has allowed me to focus on what really needs to change. It’s much more about consultation, goodwill and leadership. I can’t afford to let the people of Auckland down because, more importantly, I would let myself down. No one should confuse a more measured approach with weakness because this city badly needs decisive leadership.”len

His main challenger to date is Manukau mayor Len Brown, who has been running billboard and bus advertising. Brown says he is pro-public transport but expect to see others emerge especially as Brown does not have the full leftwing backing. ARC chairman Mike Lee may announce his bid  after Christmas.

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  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    As far I’m as I’m concerned they are both pretty poor choices for mayor from a PT standpoint…

  2. Joshua says:

    Go Banksy


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