Waikato-Auckland Rail Link Deemed “Not Viable”


The proposal for a Waikato to Auckland daily commuter service remains stalled.

KiwiRail chairman, Jim Bolger, says the Hamilton City Council has come to the conclusion that such a service is “not a viable proposition at present.”

In a letter to a Hamilton supporter of such a Waikato rail link, Mr Bolger says the council has, however, asked KiwiRail to “continue working on ways to reduce costs.”

The council had carried out a feasibility study into the proposal and KiwiRail had provided options and costings.

Mr Bolger said that KiwiRail supports the concept of a passenger rail service between Hamilton and Auckland.

“Our remit from our shareholder is to operate in a commercial manner.

“Based on the significant gap between operating costs and expected revenue from a Hamilton - Auckland service, we would only become involved as the service provider.”

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  1. rtc says:

    Hardly a surprise - Kiwirail doesn’t have the funds to support this out of charity. However, it does demonstrate the rather sad situation in NZ where long distance PT in NZ has absolutely no funding. Until it does no PT outside of a city will ever be viable in NZ.


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