Cyclists Truce With Hummer Man


A truce is being called between cyclists and the Christchurch Hummer man.
The restaurant co-owner wrote on a Yahoo forum discussing cyclists and motorists that he would “nail” cyclists and challenged “anyone wearing Spandex and shaved legs to get to my front door unharmed”.
He boasted he drove a black H2 Hummer and had put two cyclists into the curb over the last six months.

The comments ended on being discussed on bike site Vorb and made it to the mainstream media. His name and details were traced by angry forumers through means such as his Trade me profile which used the same handle.

The man insisted he was being tongue-in-cheek.
He has now apologized.

Cycling Advocates’ Network’s Bevan Woodward says it’s time for a “ceasefire.”
He said we all win when cyclists and motorists share the road with care and he praised the new Road Code for cyclists saying it legitimatises cyclists as “valid road users at a time when there has been considerable mud-slinging between parties.”

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  1. Maybe he knows the guy that doored me in Dunedin? LOL


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