CBD Rail Loop’s Next Stage


The CBD rail loop project now moves into the next step involving concept design work to identify a required footprint and prepare a strong business case to justify the expected $1b –plus required.

This work will be done between now and September this year with the final phase, preparation of the notice of requirement documentation, done by December.

The preferred route from the three shortlisted options sees the tunnel running  between Mt Eden and Britomart, taking in Khyber Pass Road, Symonds Street and Karangahape Road, with the opportunity for three train station locations at Symonds Street /Khyber Pass Road; Karangahape Road/Pitt Street and on Albert Street between Victoria and Wellesley Streets.

No figure has yet been put on the total cost of the project with funding requiring some negotiations between the region and the government.

This will involve the new Auckland Transport body, if no decision is made before that takes effect in November.

But those involved in the process so far have given the positive message that the potential benefits of this project are likely to significantly outweigh its costs.

It has the backing of both main supermayor candidates, John Banks and Len Brown, which can only help.

Entering the Britomart tunnel

The consultants say that the option chosen has the three station locations under public roads with the locations “optimising redevelopment and growth opportunities for economic productivity and patronage; the least number of curves which means lower costs for the tunnel boring machine and better operational speed for trains thus reducing operational costs.”

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  1. Matt L says:

    This study should finish just at the right time before the Mayoral race starts heating up. The timing will hopefully mean it gets a good focus from the mayoral canditates as they clamor over each other promise they will deliver it better/faster than the other person. That is unless Steven Joyce does the correct thing and funds it straight away.

  2. Nick R says:

    Joyce is on the record saying he doesn’t see any need for this project.
    Now given he is perfectly happy to ignore evaluation reports and BCRs on road projects I’m sure he’ll be happy to do the same here.
    It is going to need the new Auckland mayor to really champion this because it isn’t going to come from Wellington.

  3. max says:

    “Joyce is on the record saying he doesn’t see any need for this project.”

    He can even say “Whoo, that’s a nice BCR. I totally approve of this project going ahead with further planning and investigation in 2025, when when we will have reached the X population where it really might start becoming important, rather than just a good to have, blah, blah blah…”

    Of course they are not going to fund it. All the BCR and Auckland favouring it will not do with this government, until it has a change of heart (I don’t believe it will, not without $3-5 fuel) or is voted out.

  4. Cambennett says:

    Max and Nick you are both on the money. He can say he thinks this is a worthy project but he won’t commit to it.

    This will never be funded by this government, not in a million years. I think to pretend otherwise would be kidding oursleves.

  5. Joshua says:

    But it could be funded through the Auckland Transport Body which the Auckland Super Council can change at anytime therefore have input in the decisions. John Banks has already said he wants it to go ahead and so has brown so lets see what happens.

  6. Cambennett says:

    I hope you are right Joshua, 1.2billion dollars is a lot of money i’m not sure if Auckland transport could afford to do it without help from central government.

  7. Nick R says:

    Well, Auckland and Manukau cities were planning to spend more than that on AMETI between the two of them. If it’s a regional priority Super Auckland could afford it itself.

  8. Cambennett says:

    Ok, then maybe there is some hope for this after all. If both candidates are camapigning on it there will be pressure to deliver.

  9. Jon C says:

    @Cambennett I am confident it will happen


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