New Style NZ Made Buses Arrive


Eleven brand new Kiwi-made buses will hit Metrolink’s Mt Eden Road service over the coming weeks.

The buses are being introduced progressively to the Mt Eden Road service.

These newly built buses cost around $440,000 each.   The new Scania buses, built by Tauranga-based bus manufacturer Kiwi Bus Builders, have a range of new features designed to increase the overall comfort for passengers.

Metrolink says that the new buses have super low floors and include built-in ramps, giving customers easier access when getting on and off the bus.

The seat design at the front of the bus is a new innovation in urban bus design, creating more space, allowing customers with push-chairs and strollers to enjoy a much more comfortable ride. “We’re always looking for ways to enhance what we provide our customers,” says Jon Calder, General Manager of Metrolink.  “

With the new customer-friendly features we’ve introduced into this design, we are excited to have these buses join the fleet, they’re certainly going to help us achieve that goal.” The new buses feature Euro 5 engines, which meet the latest emission standard as set by the European Union.  This means that exhaust emissions are up to 90 per cent lower than the older buses they will replace.

“Metrolink wants to be the way Aucklanders choose to travel,” continues Mr Calder.  “

We know that the key to achieving this is by offering our customers the best experience we can.  Better buses, improved services, reduced environmental impact.  We believe it’s an investment that will get people out of their cars and onto the buses.”




  1. Carl says:

    can we see some pictures?

  2. Jon C says:

    @Carl I have already asked and was going to hold off until they arrived..

  3. Sam says:

    Why does Mt Eden Road always seem to get the new Buses?? Their entire fleet seems to be made up of the latest model so far. I’m not meaning to complain, just curious as to why they are replacing the newest buses, not older ones somewhere else.

    To be fair though, they do seem to do a pretty decent job when it comes to keeping a modern, high quality fleet- I haven’t caught a bus more than about 10 years old for ages… except for the occasional ancient bendy bus.

    Also, does anyone know anything about snapper? I haven’t seen any updates all year - according to the last thing I read, they where to be phased in on NZBus Buses from July…is this still happening or have they given up trying to beat Thales/the government?


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