$3m Eden Park Walkway Opens


It cost $3m and it was open for business today.
It’s called the Wairepo Swamp Road but it’s not a road when matches like tonight are on at Eden Park.
The $3m walkway is between the Kowhai Intermediate school end of Sandringham Road and opposite Walters Road where the main gate of Eden Park is.

Wairepo Swam Walk is open for the first time near Eden Park

Funded by Auckland City and the NZTA, it was officially billed a lane to improve pedestrian access between the city and Eden Park.
Said the council: “The land is planned to be a shared space (low speed environment where all road users have equal priority to the road – a system which has been successful internationally) and will provide an alternative route for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers (one way only travelling around the area). For events at Eden Park, the lane is planned to be pedestrians only.”

It wasn't exactly swamped with people when I walked it tonight

As you can see, as with a lot of work around Sandringham Road near Eden Park and adjourning streets, it’s still a work in progress.

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  1. rtc says:

    Are those funny wooden panels at the top of the walls permanent?

  2. Chris says:

    Correction- it’s called Wairepo Swamp Walk. No mention of road anywhere. Deliberate move.

  3. rtc says:

    Things like keeping a tree in the middle of the path will help to discourage cars speeding through as well.

  4. ingolfson says:

    Amusingly enough, this will mean that it will be Auckland’s first “shared space”.

  5. Pomali Mc Person says:

    You’re kidding!

    1st “shared space”? I thought a park could also be classed as a shared space, and theres plenty of parks in Auckland.

    Please correct me if I got it wrong in regards to the meaning of ‘shared space’, etc…

  6. Matt L says:

    Pomali Mc Person - Shared space refers to a shared road space, its an area where both cars and pedestrians are meant to have equal rights, there are no defined footpaths or carriageways.


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