Eden Park Car Ban Works Well


During tonight’s Eden Park RWC dry run, parts of Sandringham Road were closed from 4pm and adjourning streets also closed to traffic and parking.

It was the way it will be during the Rugby World Cup matches and worked well.

Open but closed: Mixed messages at this side street entrance

The normally busy Sandringham Road fell to an eerie silence as the ban came into effect.

Sandringham Road goes quiet

Still missing, but promised, is a pedestrian crossing near Walters Rd from the train station and I noticed those arriving on the first trains had to try out their rugby skills to make a quick dash for the tryline across the road.

A bizarre message for any gay rugby fans attending

Recovery (who are they fooling- they’re tow truckies) were doing a roaring trade as some cheeky motorists couldn’t help themselves tryng to park in streets closed to parking.
And I spotted one local resident attracta police presence when he got hostile at not being allowed to park outside his place as he had not applied for special residents’ exemption provision to park there.

Motorists being told they can't drive in certain neighbouring streets

I couldn’t help wonder how it would be if streets like Sandringham were closed to only buses and cyclists!

Eden Park’s $3m walkway opens

Kingsland station underpass opens

RWC public transport dry run




  1. Darryll says:

    Bollocks, you should try living in the exclusion zone that the
    powers to be have decided are not too be travelled down. Absolute disolussion of rights as a tax paying inhabitat

  2. rtc says:

    When does the fact that you pay tax mean you have the right to travel down any and every street any and every day of the year in Auckland? Would be nice if you could enlighten us all to where it says that…

  3. JB says:

    And by travel I assume he means by car. Could just walk or cycle.

  4. rtc says:


  5. sj says:

    I think residents have a right to use the streets they live on even if they’re closed to general traffic; this is something that could definitely be worked on before the world cup.

    I’ve had my street closed to traffic before, but they’ve always let residents through without any fuss. So it can be done well.

  6. Joshua says:

    they do let residents through as long as they have the right pass, otherwise anyone could say they are a resident. Just like any rugby game at Eden Park.


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