Stand By For StupidCard


As Snapper edges towards an Auckland release, Arta must be working on options for what to call the new integrated ticketing being developed by Thales for release from next year.

The ticket will begin to be available in time for the RWC and will be further developed and also rolled out nationwide.

Each region can make a decision on its own branding for the ticket.

No-one is breathing a word about what is being considered but in view of Arta’s marketing obsession with names like maxx and b-line (also the name of a Vancouver rapid bus system), it’s safe to assume it will be something short, cute, and with no relation to things Auckland, Kiwi, Maori, Polynesian or transport.

Some cities have opted for fishing-themes such as Oyster – a theme adopted by Infratil with their Wellington-based Snapper card.

Other names include Melbourne’s Myki card (as in My key) South Korea’s T-money (by the same as the Snapper company), London’s regional sQuidcard, Japan’s Suica card and Seattle’s Orca.

Last year, this site collected some imaginative ideas from you.

Waka, WhaleRider, Jafa, Weta, Waitemata, Green, Lava, KwickCard, Pipi, Forward Pass…

Earlier suggestions here and here

So it’s a shame if this ends up with clever marketing gurus at an ad agency used to naming new beers and energy drinks.

To get everyone excited about the new card, it would be wonderful if Arta ran a naming contest which means in the process, Aucklanders learn about the card and understand why they will want it- and are excited by the time it’s launched.

A contest was run for the logo of the new city although that ended up in some controversy.

We’re only getting one chance at this.

What do you bet we borrow or adopt current fashionable overseas names  of cards - like QuickCard, SmartTrip, MetroCard, CharlieCard, or uPass.

Of course, we may be pleasantly surprised.

But don’t hold your breath.
Meanwhile the Melbourne Age reports today the latest on the Myki system.
TheE state government is so concerned about potential glitches in the $1.35 billion myki system that it is not sending out almost 90,000 free seniors cards it has locked in storage.

Yesterday was the first weekday of myki’s operation across all Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses but there were few new users - with most appearing to shun the new system in favour of the Metcard.
And there are still out of order signs on machines.




  1. is the total mobility card going to be brought into this? I find that it is horrible that it only can be used for taxis

  2. Brent C says:

    Jafa? Really?

  3. Sacha says:

    Jess, the Total Mobility discount scheme is only designed for taxis - it’s meant for those who cannot use other forms of public transport. My understanding is that eventually all discounted fare types will be loaded on the new cards.

  4. William M says:

    I’m not saying anything, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain transport authority completely surprised us with their offering, with something no doubt completely UNRELATED to Auckland. Hark my words!

  5. nzbcfanboi says:

    unrelated to Auckland and transport but some what awesome none the less

  6. karl says:

    Why such a negative attitude on what could turn out a massive public transport boost for Auckland?

  7. Nick R says:

    Just on the Myki comment I would like to clarify two things:
    The $1.35 billion cost is the capital cost to set up the system *plus* operating expenses for the next ten years. The actual cost of the system along is about $400million, the rest is opex through to 2021. Melbourne already spends about $100 million each year running the current Metcard system, so arguably keeping Metcard would cost at least $1 billion anyway.
    Secondly, Melbourne has had a perfectly functional integrated ticket (Metcard) giving time based passes valid across all trains, trams and buses without transfer penalty. As very few people only ever use one mode it is not surprising no one was been using Myki as it was only accepted on trains since January. It has just gone live on trams and buses two days ago so few people have switched over yet. I imagine it will take a good six months before most people bother to make the change, as both systems will be working in parallel until next easter.

  8. AR says:

    Pipi, Weta, Waka and Waitemata? Are you serious? Anything less tacky than that.

  9. Paul says:

    Clever marketing a shame? Or a must, even if ‘they’ don’t create the name they must help create; demand, educate and launch this new product. I’m sure you’ll all agree the success of this will help bring new public transport users to all modes.

  10. Carl says:

    I don’t care what it’s called. Aucklanders should be ecstatic that we’re finally moving foward with integrated ticketing… 22 years after Sydney…

  11. Mike says:

    Re Total Mobility, in Wellingtom it’s now on Snapper - see

  12. jarbury says:

    I reckon keep it simple - call it MetroCard.

  13. Carl says:

    Hrm to many Carl’s on here.

    In Perth here we have a smart rider, such a stupid name, but generally an excellent system. its dubbed you “tag on” and “tag off”

    most stations have gates, some just have places where you swipe your cards. trick is, if you don’t tag off, you get charged a default fare the next time you tag on.

    return trips to same destination inside 2 hours are only charged at the cost of a one way fare.

    having a card gets you 15% discount off the normal ticket buying fare,
    students are on a 25% discount,
    Direct debit gets you 20% and 30% for students
    Elderly also get 25%
    School Kids are 50c everytime with a card to.

    interesting point, fines are massive if you don’t have card and fare jump, this kind of thing needs to come into effect straight away. really stamp out anyone that tries to ruin the system.

    On the Myki situation classic example as to why it may not be making as much money as they think.

    I spent a week in Melbourne, used the tram all day everyday, only bough a ticket once… no bugger buys tickets and esp tourists. if someone starts checking tickets, you just jump off a tram and get the next one.

    sadly melbourne seems like it just as far to many trams to police….. but rather have trams than none at all.

    I hope they run a comp and have a decent logo for it, but also hope they don’t fuck around and waste a lot of money on it.

    If should be a comp opened to school kids, not some marketing dickhead, because generally the know nothing about nothing, believe me, I have worked in the industry for 4 years, I’m surrounded by them everyday and the general idea is, “what the computer tells me, is correct’. Sadly that is wrong so many times. Having a school comp, as mentioned above, will make people aware of it coming, if kids talk about it, generally they will go home and talk to there parents about it.

    all the best ARTA

  14. San Luca says:

    Waka isn’t too bad

  15. William M says:

    I’m not negative as such. I just hope like hell that ARTA don’t choose a risky identity and branding that will set themselves up for failure. But that’s branding. Knowing what Thales has to offer in terms of technology, we’re in for a good ride. I have a good feeling about the technology. Just stick to what you know in terms of branding, MAXX.

  16. Kelvin says:

    I’m buggered if I’ve heard of a sQuidscard and I’ve only been here two months - London is Oyster. I guess there are only so many things you can do with these things the world over but (off the top of my head) SMARTSAIL might be nice, with SAILSAFE as a companion to what to do if you lose your card. Hey..keeping in mind the sail aspect how about (and I’m not sure how this is spelt) SPINICA (sail related but also good for taking a spin on Auckland’s transport, God I’m good sometimes..


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