Onehunga Foreshore Restored


UPDATE: Announcement here and further details here

Both NZTA and the Auckland City Council will today commit millions of dollars to the long-awaited restoration of the Onehunga foreshore.

NZTA will announce it will provide $18m and the council will provide a further $10m as their contribution to the $28m restoration.
A number of parties have been pressing for this.
The Onehunga Enhancement Society, the Maungakiekie Community Board, Labour MPs and some councillors have been encouraging the Auckland Regional Council, the Auckland City Council and NZTA to seize the chance presented by the extension of SH20 to rectify the damage done in the 1970s and to create an important recreational space at the gateway to Auckland City.
The society has been awaiting for a tender to do 11 hectares of restoration work, which would create a series of beaches and headlands between Seacliffe Rd and Onehunga Wharf.
Delays had suggested this might await the new supercouncil.




  1. David Merrick says:

    There is a lot of interest in the Onehunga Foreshore Restoration project, with people following progress closely, especially the locals. I wonder if it would be possible to have some sort of photographic updates? Maybe a camera mounted high on a nearby pylon, or on the new motorway pedestrian overbridge? It is fascinating to watch the new foreshore take shape.


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