Shared Space Update


With Aotea square re-opening in a few weeks, someone was asking what had happened to Auckland City’s much welcomed share space projects around the city.

Auckland City's Darby St concept

Here’s the latest rundown of the projects and importantly the latest scheduled completion date.

  • Darby Street (Early 2011)
  • Kitchener Street South (June 2011)
  • Fort Street area Stage 1, (August 2011)
  • Elliot Street (Early 2012)
  • Lorne Street Stage 2 (May 2012)
  • O’Connell Street (End 2012).

Aotea Square opening is on October 1 with the first big event after that the Diwali Festival of Lights on October 30-31.




  1. Matt L says:

    They can’t come soon enough, any update on Sky citys plans for Federal St?

  2. Andy says:

    Agree with Matt. It seems if they had started everything a year earlier nearly all of them would be ready for the world cup…sigh

  3. rtc says:

    That’s a bit of a depressing update, all the schedules have slipped by around 6 months, Elliot, Forth and Lorne streets were all planned to be complete by the RWC and importanly one such as Elliot street were supposed to have started construction early this year. Seems to me like a Banks lead council is a council of dragging everthing that wasn’t cancelled yesterday out for so long people forget it was even going to happen in the first place.

  4. rtc says:

    I haven’t seen any plans on what they intend to do on Kitchener street, anyone have any additinal info?

  5. Jon C says:

    @Matt L Decision on who gets the convention centre hasnt been made yet - some tough competition.
    @ RTC Kitchener St south dropped off the schedule
    Someone asked me by email about the permanent Te Weo Bridge providing a
    connection between Wynyard Quarter and the CBD. Latest is it’s planned to be completed in 2016/2017.
    At Wynyard, that new ASB Bank Head Office is due to be ready 2013 and a proposed hotel there 2014.

  6. Guest says:

    It’s a shame that the timeline for delivery of these is being pushed out.

    With these delays, I understand that the new lane off Sandringham Rd by Eden Park will be Auckland’s first shared space - does anyone know how progress is coming along with that?

  7. GJA says:

    There is an open day at Eden Park on Sunday 10 October,

    Pity that there will be no trains on the Eastern Line that weekend. I assume the Western Line will run as per the normal schedule.

  8. rtc says:

    @Jon but the schedule you posted list Kitchener Street being completed next year

    Kitchener Street South (June 2011)

  9. Jon C says:

    @Rtc I did too! Schedule as published is correct. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

  10. rtc says:

    O’Connel street appears to have dropped off the schedule, they’ve also not posted any plans for it either.

  11. Jon C says:

    @rtc O’Connell, K Rd and part of Kitchener called Kitchener south.


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