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Auckland’s new Mayor Len Brown has confirmed Penny Hulse will be his deputy, as tipped on AKT on Saturday. He says the Waitakere deputy “shares my vision for bringing our region together and delivering on the big issues facing Auckland, such as public transport.”

He said she brings a wealth of experience to the new council, will be a strong deputy and has very solid links with her community.

“She will have a positive leadership role in the new Auckland Council and can work with people from across the political spectrum and around the region to get things done.”

Len Brown said he is  working quickly and efficiently to get the new Auckland Council up and running ” so Aucklanders can soon recognise the benefits of the amalgamation.”

Penny Hulse at recent opening of New Lynn transport hub

Councillor Penny Hulse has served on the Waitakere City Council in various roles for more than 15 years, most recently as Deputy Mayor.  

“I look forward to the challenge of bringing our region together and making sure local communities are looked after in the new Auckland Council,” says Mrs Hulse. 

“Mayor Brown was elected with a strong mandate and a positive vision for our region. We share common values and I am dedicated to helping him achieve his vision.  “I want to help Mayor Brown promote the ‘Eco-city’ concept across Auckland. I also have a strong focus on delivering public transport and protecting community identity. “




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