Shedding Queens No 11


The dismantling of Queens Wharf Shed 11 is now in full swing.

Each piece is being carefully taken apart under the eye of advisers. The shed is being stored for up to 2 years while its future use somewhere on the waterfront is decided.

Here is how progress looks this afternoon:




  1. Suwooop says:

    Uggh… just nuke the damn place. It’s so depressive looking at these sheds.

  2. Matt L says:

    I can see shed 10 from my and the cladding is slowly coming down. Surely they don’t need to keep the corrugated iron

  3. karl says:

    “Uggh… just nuke the damn place. It’s so depressive looking at these sheds.”

    In case we missed your last 20 comments saying the same thing?

  4. Suwooop says:

    ^ Nice to see you care what I think :)

  5. James B says:

    If we had a fantastic, iconic structure to replace the sheds then I would say to demolish them. Given the fact that we don’t have anything near that calibre then keeping at least shed 10 is the best way forward. I was all for demolishing them until seeing the inside of them and seeing the awfful standard of the finalists in the competition made me realise that it is best to keep them and spare the area from being turned into a ‘temporary’ carpark which we all know is th fate of sites waiting for development in this city.


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