Cross That It’s Still Not On


The Four Nations rugby league match at Eden Park next Saturday will give another helpful dry run for how transport arragements will work for the RWC 2011 next year.

The new Eden Park residents-only parking scheme will be operating meaning residents in the zone have to display their permits in their vehicles. There should be some interesting towaway debates going on that night.

I caught a Kingsland train yesterday along with packed carriages of Eden Park match-goers and it’s always encouraging to overhear conversations about how people are trying out the trains for the first time and how impressed they are.

They are always puzzled, though, when the Newmarket train starts returning in the Britomart direction from whence it came!

At Britomart, station announcements about which train to catch were regular and clear and there was an illuminated sign on the platform.

At Kingsland, things worked very smoothly with people quickly alighting the train and heading down the various exits to head for Eden Park.

The one bugbear is that those much -needed pedestrian lights outside the station opposite Walters Rd are still not switched on.

Fans continue -as do commuters- to have to find a gap in the traffic (with lanes reduced because of the work still being done around the park). They then dash across the road hoping for the best.

Can someone please find the switch and turn the lights on?

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  1. William M says:

    I was at the Auckland vs Waikato game on Saturday night and was glad to see that post-game, the announcer announced all times for outgoing trains for Kingsland. Just another way we’re getting ready!

  2. Wayne says:

    I went along to Eden Park to watch Auckland vs Waikato on Saturday and sat in the new south stand on level six. I was very impressed with the new stand but unfortunately the service provided by the caterers was the worst I’ve ever experience. It took me and hundreds of other patrons 25-35 minute to buy food and drink. I’m glad I only paid $15 for my ticket and the kids were free. I would be pretty angry if I’d paid upwards of $1000 for a ticket and had such third world service. It left a bad taste in my, and many others mouths. We need to sort this out before the world sees us as a joke. Poor effort Eden Park Trust Board . . . lift your game!

  3. San Luca says:

    The crossing is now working, but it does seem to be absurd that the crossing lights go every 10-15 seconds regardless of there being a pedestrian there. At least that was the case this morning.

  4. max says:

    Lol - Luca, that would be kinda nice, considering at 99.99% of all other traffic lights in Auckland, the cars seem to get green lights no matter whether there’s any there, and peds always have to fill out a form in triplicate three days ahead if they want to cross*

    *(Your own perceptions may vary. Improved pedestrian waiting times may be your imagination, or you may be on Queen Street).


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