Buses Still Tricky In Quake City


Buses are still not back to normal in quake-hit Christchurch.

“Driving a bus around parts of Christchurch is not easy at the moment,” says Environment Canterbury acting director operations Wayne Thomas.

” We appreciate the effort drivers are making in trying circumstances. We are sorry that our passengers are not getting the service they have come to expect, in some instances.

But he thinks Christchurch Metro passengers may find their bus services to be more reliable in coming days.

“As drivers get familiar with new routes and work out the best way to minimize disruptions, and given the earthquake-damaged streets, we can expect that services will be smoother and more predictable,” he said.

Despite the problems, a number of new services and routes began this week, following a service review. All new routes and services are being run by either Leopard Coachlines or Christchurch Bus Services.

Philip Newport is Metro's driver of the month

But the quake has presented another issue.

Both companies ordered new buses to enable them to deliver the agreed standard of service. However, due to circumstances beyond their control, including earthquake damage to the bus-building factory at Rolleston, they have had to source temporary buses, Mr Thomas said.

“Environment Canterbury attempted to facilitate the provision of buses on a temporary basis from local sources, but was not successful.”

That means bike racks on buses, a wonderful Christchurch service that should come to Auckland one day, won’t be available on some of the buses.





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