Eden Park Looks Worldly: Photos


More than 40,000 people attended tonight’s Four Nations League series at Eden Park - probably not quite the 65,000 expected for the RWC 201.

And Eden Park - as Alex K commented in his photo spread for the open day- does look of international class.

At least the revamp is dramatic enough compared to what the place was like, which would have been unsuitable for a world tournament.

The place at night feels warm!

The patrons seemed fairly excited about it all!

More Photos on the action around the Park here




  1. Matt L says:

    It might look warm but it was quite cold when the wind came through a few times ;-)

    It was really easy to get from the station to the gate which was really good and my only real complaint was that they couldn’t keep up with the food and drink which meant there were huge queues to get it and they blocked the concourse in a few places.

    Crowd was 34000.

  2. Kel says:

    Looks really clean, modern and attractive! Nice photos!

  3. Joshua says:

    Matt - L on tv they were saying 44400 so reasonable, not quite a sellout though.

  4. Jon C says:

    @ Matt L They said on Friday over 40 000 had been sold What were the prices like for food and drink?

  5. Matt L says:

    Beers were $7 each, and food started at $4.50 for chips up to about $9 for chicken/fish and chips.

  6. Ian M says:

    International class-what a joke! Seems like noone has ever been overseas. Compared to the likes of ANZ Stadium, Cardiff stadium, Stade de France, all used for the world cup final, this is like going back in time-and what will be “showcased to the world”…A UEFA elite stadium is even another step up again.

  7. Jon C says:

    @Ian M No one ever pretended it was one of the world’s great stadia! But compared to what it used to be, it can now host a RWC.

  8. Kansas says:

    ^ I think we get your point ;)

  9. antz says:

    ummmm….okay Jon that is quite a few posts you made there!

  10. Jon C says:

    @Kansas @Antz Site had a hiccup!!

  11. Kel says:

    @ Ian M I’d like to hear your opinion on why it’s a joke and a step back in time. The photos seem nice, but I personally haven’t been there. From some earlier photos I saw somewhere, it seemed like there were big gaps between the grandstands which kind of made it look small or empty or something…

  12. Ian M says:

    The point I’m trying to make is that the stadium has absolutely no design appeal-it is an ugly mismatch of stands, with the north stand really of need of being pulled down. Do you really that think that the likes of England, France, Australia or Wales would have accepted such a stadium to “showcase” to the world?

    In addition, Auckland has been left with a stadium that is not suited to either rugby or cricket, with irregular boundaries-and in doing so the outeroval has been reduced in size. NZ suffers from a small minded syndrome, with many people blindly accepting rather ugly buildings (in this case stadia), since they havent had the opportunity to see how it is done in other cities worldwide.

    As an aside, the smallmindedness also comes down to the lack of foresight in what a new standalone venue could have been used for. Auckland really should be targeting the world athletics champtionships, since we may never get the Commonwealth games again. Imagine the links of Valerie Adams or Nick Wills participating on our shores. However, despite now having 3 stadiums we now have no suitable stadium with an athletics track! We are also hosting the cricket world cup, yet the boundaries at Eden Park have now been comprimised. So a lose lose on many accounts. I am by no means suggesting a national stadium should have been put on the waterfront though, just that we needed a truely world-class stadium like many other countries have.

  13. Kel says:

    Thanks for sharing that. Interesting points, and I have to agree with the shortsightedness in NZ. I don’t know why no one does a decent job of things the first time, then later have to go and rebuild again, just to have to do the same thing AGAIN later… it’s beyond me. It’s almost as if it’s the only country where the mentality of ‘us last’ applies. Maybe that’s what makes us unique and appealing to the world!? :P


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