Wynyard On Track for RWC2011


Wynyard Quarter officials say everything is on track for the downtown waterfront development being able to be shown off in time for the RWC 2011.

Besides the heritage trams, the development includes North Wharf, Jellicoe Street, Wynyard Crossing, Gateway Plaza, the Viaduct Events Centre and Silo Park.

It will look like this:

How Wynyard Quarter will look with the distinctive ASB volcano cone HQ

Today they listed off where everything is at.

Wynyard Crossing, the pedestrian and cycling bridge over Viaduct Harbour providing access to the CBD:  Piling work is currently underway and bridge spans will be put in place later this month, before the opening bridge leaves are installed.

Major work has also begun to replace several piers, and next month Z pier and J pier car parks will start to be converted for use by campervans during RWC 2011.

North Wharf,  where there will be a variety of seafood eateries, the internal fit out is soon to begin. 80% of the space has been leased, with an announcement of providers to be made within a month.

The centrepiece of North Wharf, the Old Red Shed, has been restored and its character retained. Previously an old Auckland Harbour Board building dating back to the 1930s, inspiration for its restoration and the two new buildings either side has been taken from the working waterfront and features including the shed’s distinctive red doors, metal bollards.

Of special interest to us, the old railway tracks that have been kept.

On the seaward side of North Wharf on the edge of the Viaduct Harbour is the Viaduct Events Centre. The multi-purpose centre offers 6000m2 of exhibition, meeting and hospitality space and spectacular views of the Waitemata Harbour, and is in the final phase of construction.

Jellicoe Street will be the hub of entertainment including night markets.

Gateway Plaza is the landing point for Wynyard Crossing in Wynyard Quarter, and this large, public plaza will feature seating, arts and steps down to the water’s edge.

Continuing down Jellicoe Street to the other side of Wynyard Quarter people will come to Silo Park, which by Rugby World Cup 2011 will include a playground, an expanse of green open space, a viewing structure and the two character cement silos that have been retained.

At Westhaven Marina the CCTV system has just had a major overhaul, providing better safety in public areas.

Tram work continues as updated on this site last week here

Over at Queens Wharf, Shed 11 has been dismantled and put in storage.

Shed 10 and the red fence are being repaired, the surface is being upgraded, the wharf repaired underneath, and services installed.

The new structure, the Party Central place the Government insists is called The Cloud will be installed over the coming months.

The so called cloud as Queens' Party Central HQ




  1. John Dalley says:

    Do we still know why we need “Party Central” when we have the Wynyard Qtr” and the Expo Centre?

  2. Jon C says:

    @John The government seemed to be under some illusion the IRB decreed they had to be set up as part of the deal although there were reports this was not in fact part of the contract. That all got a little murky.

  3. Mark says:

    Jon - wasn’t it that the regional bid put it in?

    when they were all “competing” for number of games / quarter finals etc, I think they all tried to beef up the bids with live sights/party centrals etc

  4. Jon C says:

    @ Mark You would know better than me I think - I can’t remember through the fog at the time. I just assumed ministers were excited about the idea as if it made Auckland an international city!

  5. Todd says:

    The ASB HQ design has changed I believe? Word is it has changed for the worse

  6. Shayno says:

    just the cone changed. it’s now some square thing on top i believe.

  7. Ian M says:

    That land would have been an ideal location for a stadium if we were to ever have a waterfront one. Would have given a real focal point to the place.


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