What New Lynn Will Look Like


Here are more images of what the work around New Lynn interchange will look like.

Thanks Auckland Transport for providing these.

Totara Avenue West’s original intersection with Great North Road has been closed permanently from today as work post- the New Lynn rail trench project continues.
The recently realigned avenue provides an alternative access to Great North Road via a new intersection at the top end of the Todd Triangle Reserve.

This road layout change also enables another safer intersection to be built where the new Clark Street extension will eventually connect with Great North Road.

The first image shows the Totara Ave/Todd Triangle redevelopment into a shared space environment.

The second show Totara Ave West, looking towards the transport interchange.






  1. Edward says:

    With Totara Avenue West closed to buses at the moment, the amount of waiting time to get to the transport interchange by a bus coming from out west is ridiculous with all the extra turns and slow phasing traffic lights you have to go through for the bus to get to the right platform.

    Hope the new road helps all this! Other than than is looks pretty good.

  2. rtc says:

    Those photos are pretty misleading, they show that a lot of onstreet parking is planned (along with dozens of parking buildings) and yet show the parking spot as though it will always sit empty and provide a nice cosy spot to have a chat. As if. Why not remove all the parking altogether, why does every street have to have onstreet parking, it’s pathetic and further demonstrates that this is merely a roading project with some PT-wash thrown in.


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